Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Miso Susanowa at Split Screen

Visit Split Screen here: or direct link here: MisoSplitScreenHere.

Split Screen has two artists preparing their exhibits for August for the normally scheduled bi-monthly double artist large immersive installation Split Screen hosts. But in the interim, Miso Susanowa has her "Time As A Helix of Semi-Precious Stones" piece on the Split Screen platform for all to enjoy. " Set to Midnight, have particles to at least 4096 under Graphics, and turn local sounds on loud (not the music stream). You can sit on the build too!" Just my style.. art to play in! But for all you techys there is a lot more to it.

Miso's associated note relays some of the thought put into the installation. She presents as a Composition for Kandinsky saying, " Kandinsky saw houses and churches decorated with such shimmering colours that he said "...upon entering them I had the impression that I was moving into a painting." Music was also a critical influence on his painting and this piece has a soundtrack that plays with time. In Kandinsky’s work, some characteristics are obvious while certain touches are more discrete and veiled; they reveal themselves only progressively to those who make the effort to deepen their connection with his work.

Right-click to sit on the Mondrian grid and use your camera to look up, down and around the piece to enjoy the experience of Kandinsky's vision translated into 3D. Try all preset lightings.

You can get a mouselook view by pressing Esc twice. If you prefer an outside cam view and you get Mouselook on sitting, unsit, then use your cam controls to move your cam, then resit."

"The title is adapted from the Samuel R Delany story, "Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-precious Stones," a title which always has invoked for me a mystical, philosophic mood quite apart from the story itself; a kind-of abstract mantra guaranteed to put me in a reflective mood."

The note goes on to state...."I am fascinated at the computer's ability to make infinite shadings and tonals of color combined with translucency/reflection/transparency; a plastic fantastic palette."

While I was visiting and taking video someone (whom I wasn't fast enough to ask permission to quote) posed the question to Miso in the Split Screen group asking, "would it defy time if the direction of rotation of the panels was from the red to the green?
[16:34] Miso Susanowa: erm.... i am not in control of the particles/panels
[16:34] Miso Susanowa: the wind controls some; physics controls the rest
[16:34] Miso Susanowa: the particles are being sent out in rotating semi-random patterns, in the math
[16:35] visitor: oh
[16:35] Kara Trapdoor: I knew that
[16:35] Kara Trapdoor: : ) NOT
[16:35] Kara Trapdoor: Diviiiiii
[16:35] Dividni Shostakovich: ;-)
[16:35] Kara Trapdoor: hahaha
[16:35] Dividni Shostakovich: hi Kara!
[16:35] Kara Trapdoor: hey
[16:36] visitor: perhaps I chose a bad moment to look at its rotation
[16:36] Dividni Shostakovich: more likely a good moment, because it suggested things to you
[16:36] Miso Susanowa: the patterns used by the generators have different "shapes" to their dispersion
[16:36] Miso Susanowa: those dispersal patterns were then randomized by hand...
[16:37] Miso Susanowa: and then some few, interspersed, were made subject to wind
[16:37] Miso Susanowa: so any "patterns" that show up are basically coincidence
[16:39] visitor: well I like it
[16:39] Miso Susanowa: thanks!
[16:39] visitor: how long will it be here?
[16:39] Miso Susanowa: *points to Dividni* ask him
[16:39] Miso Susanowa: he's the honcho :)
[16:40] Dividni Shostakovich: actually I don't know -- it's officially an "interim" piece between the next two big builds, but if the artists there don't need the prims then "Helix" will stay up -- the last interim piece, Misprint Thursday's "Digital Glove," stayed up for three months
[16:41] Kara Trapdoor: beam me up scotty I want to see...
[17:07] Dividni Shostakovich: :-)
[17:07] Miso Susanowa: and I didn't want it in a giant black box... yet on the ground, the focus gets grabbed by seeing things through it
[17:07] Dividni Shostakovich: I'm glad you could put it up in full form here -- and I didn't even know!
[17:07] Miso Susanowa: this is how I made it
[17:08] Miso Susanowa: in IW I have it much much larger, and the trees are set on the mountains
[17:08] Miso Susanowa: as for the meteor
[17:08] Miso Susanowa: i dunno. I put it and took it out a half dozen times
[17:09] Miso Susanowa: it just seems to balance things
[17:09] Dividni Shostakovich: it's funny how those things work
[17:09] Dividni Shostakovich: i like it
[17:09] Miso Susanowa: to give a nice horizontal depth in a line with the grid and between the trees
[17:10] Miso Susanowa: a lot of elements in my work are not plotted
[17:10] Miso Susanowa: i am more a sculptor than builder
[17:10] Miso Susanowa: as I work, my hands do things and then i try to listen to what they are telling me
[17:11] Miso Susanowa: then perhaps I assemble an "overview" of the piece... but it is the making of it that informs me
[17:11] Miso Susanowa: my hands know things I don't

Well I just thought those were cool quotes from the maker of the exhibit since the first part was way over my head, as indicated by my interjections : ) and the last provides some insight into the artist. Check out this cool fun exhibit and keep your landmarks for Split Screen that seems to be hosting some of the best artists SL has to offer since opening.

Miso made a machinima of this too.. and you can check it out on Divi's blog here: or direct link here: DiviMisoHere.


  1. Thanks Kara! I am glad you enjoyed my Missummer's dream:) and I can't believe you actually listened to all that blah-blah Dividni and I had! You poor thing! :D

  2. Haha.. it's a fun build. I always love art I can play in. As far as the listening goes.. hehe I was blogging so not fully tuned in most the time, making the little video and stuff at the time. But when I read it I knew I wanted to post it, which I don't usually take chat logs since I have to get permission, but as I said.. good stuff! : ) Thanks for stopping by the blog; )