Monday, July 4, 2011

Anime in SL

I have an anime avatar, Miku, and found info. on a concert from last night indicating she is apparently all the rage. Hatsune Miku was at Nokia Theatre for the Anime Expo 2011. This Vocaloid appeared live onstage for the first time in the U.S. but obviously is not really live. Hatsune Miku is a character developed by Crypton and associated with Vocaloid synthetic voice software. She's been remixed visually and musically by fans. According to one review here: or direct link here: LAWeeklyblogsMikuHere.
"....Miku, on the other hand, appears on a reflective screen in the middle of the stage. The human band members play to the side of her." See link for details.

So my anime character is pink but Miku is blue... they have the blue too though which I found in SL with full avatar, skin, shape, hud, clothes, etc at Terrorlve here: or direct link here: MikuHere. and also another brand that is quite a bit less expensive is here: or direct link here: AnimeHere. This is Audax, Inc, Anime Hangout and RP. My anime is GN SakruMiku. Search appeared to have several other places with similar avatars for sale. Anyway.. I couldn't help making a short video.

For a Youtube review of the real Miku, see here: or direct link here: MikuYoutubeHere.


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