Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012-April 21-29

It's OPen Now!
Visit here: or direct link here: FantasyFaireHere.
This is one of my fav SL events.  Everyone just has to visit as I can't express how fun it it.  I ran into Flickr friend Bouncer Criss and he looked amazing so we took a pic at the entrance.  Check it out. 

Fantasy Faire

A Benefit for Relay for Life. The Story Starts Now. With You...
Visit their official web site for more information: or direct link here: FantasyFaireWebHere.

Their site states, "This year’s Fantasy Faire will include eight lavishly landscaped shopping sims created by some of the top designers in Second Life. While each sim with have a unique feel to it, they will be connected as one Fairelands, a Fantasy continent. Whether your style be steampunk or fae, mer or gothic you will find yourself at home on several, if not all, the sims and enjoy exploring them all."

 Fantasy Faire

OMG Loving It!
Never Leaving
I'm so living here until it's done

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