Sunday, April 29, 2012

The 20th Anniversary of the 1992 LA Riots...April 29th-May 4th. SL Machinima

Magnum The Machinima Review here: or direct link here: MagnumHere.

My friend Sonicity Fitzroy was a RL DJ back in the day and conducted interviews during the 1992 LA riots and also wrote the RL book,  KJLH-FM and the Los Angeles Riots of 1992.  She made a machinima to commemorate and remember this event and wrote an excellent reveiw on the Magnum Blog. She gave me permission to quote some from her post and copy her machinima here.  Be sure to check out her Youtube site too.

In her post she says, " I produced a machinima - Voices in The Dark -  based on my research and interviews, and sound archives. ......To my amazement, I found a station that reminded me of KJLH-FM located in District 8 of Second Life.  The sole character portrays myself, as a virtual journalist (which I am), looking back as I encounter this vacated station 10 years in the future...."  Read the rest on her blog directly linked above.

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