Wednesday, April 11, 2012


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Tonight I caught a show by Mandoaa Dragonash at the SPIRITEFIRE Entertainment Music Isle. The venue is a very cool place with a large stage and dance area, tropical isle shaped like a guitar and the 2nd half housing small islands for the artists Spiritfire represents. Sher Salmson is the brainchild of this and said it's something she's wanted to do for a while now. She aquired the land in October 2011, but the grand opening will be soon. She said there are little islands, each a listening area for her artists. She also has 3 residential rental parcels.

Mandoaa was great and there were close to 50 people for the show. He was described as "Mandoaa Dragonash is an energetic and hilarious acoustic guitar player/singer/songwriter. More than just a musician, he is a true performer.
His shows include an eclectic mix of covers, from Billy Joel to Seether, Allison Krauss to Outcast and his own original compositions. He may even invent a song on the fly during the show.” He wore his tail and ears for his Nekoback show.
spiritfire musice isle_004

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