Sunday, April 15, 2012

BOSL Radio's 2nd Birthday Party -24 hour stream and party!

Visit Here at 10am SLT: or direct link here: BOSLRadioFrolicHere.
BOSL Radio
Frolic Millso CEO of BOSL will host the final 2 hours of the 24 hours BOSL Radio 2nd birthday party radio stream event this weekend. The dj's have been having a blast with this 24 hours party in various locations around the grid and the final 2 hours will be located at the above SLurl Frolic's special place all set up for guests. I popped in early for a few pics and it looks like it will be a lot of fun, as the entire weekend has been.
(BOSL CEO Frolic Mills)
(The tables are set up for the grand finale)

I took a few party pics along the way:
(CottonCandy Teardrop, DJ and BOSL Radio Exec. on location for the party at Egoisme)

(DJ Sonicity Fitzroy)
(BlairBond performed following DJ Soni)
Crowd Shots:
(Ariel view at Egoisme)
(Belinda Barnes)
(Ramses, Sweetvincent and Jakub)

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