Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dual Stream for Relay for Life Today

Sunday continues until 9pm SLT
 Visit Here: or direct link here: KeyWestHereRFL.

☆★One Weekend☆One Team☆One Cause★☆
    ☆★Two Days☆Two Streams☆Two Artists★☆
 ☆★Relay for Life★☆SL Music Race for a Cure★☆

All donations in support of Relay For Life in Second Life

April 28th

12 PM Anek Fuchs & Quantamis Navarathna
1 PM Lexus Melodie & Raspbury Rearwin
2 PM Phemie Alcott & KevinMThomas Carpool
3 PM Lisa Brune & FunkyFreddy Republic
4 PM Starrfish Ohmai & Beth Odets
5 PM Voodoo Shilton & Mulder Watts
6 PM Kinagree-Smith Band (Lexie Luan & Zorch Boomhauer)
7 PM Gina Stella & Christopher135 Quan
8 PM The Sploders (Ictus Belford, Lyndon Heart, Thunder Lexington)
9 PM Savannah Coronet & Hogan Bailey

Schedule subject to change, because life happens :) or direct link here: RFLEventHere
 AmForte and Gab
(AMForte and Gabryel Nyoki)
 TerryLynn Melody
(TerryLynn Melody)

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