Thursday, January 6, 2011

Magic Moments in SL-explore story

Once upon a time a long time ago there lived a young lady who loved to chase butterflies and rainbows as she believed they hold great beauty and hope and promises of wonderful things.

On this particular day, the young lady, Miss Kara, was barefoot and happily splashing in small warm puddles left by a fast spring rain in the woods next to her back yard. Suddenly a huge rainbow seemed to appear out of nowhere and Kara ran to meet the end of it. She was surprised to actually see the end of the rainbow in the woods as usually she looked but never quite found where a rainbow stopped.

Kara ran over to the bottom of the rainbow and stood looking up at the dazzling bright colors that shot straight into the air until they began a slight arch and faded into the clouds. She looked carefully and noticed some small steps in the side of the rainbow and found that her feet were just a bit too large for the steps, yet still small enough to climb the stairs. She'd never heard about stairs in a rainbow, not even in fairy tales. Now, Kara was a very curious person and she couldn't resist climbing at least part way up that rainbow staircase. When Kara was about half way up she glance down to see the ground was a long way away and the arch of the rainbow in the clouds was closer. The beautiful colors of the rainbow seemed to be calling her to the top. She touched nearby clouds that spread out around her hand, but couldn't see very far in and so continued to climb into and through the clouds until she was almost at the top of the arch of the rainbow. She had to lean slightly forward to maintain good balance when her head swept through the top of the clouds and she saw a beautiful white unicorn beckoning her to him.

Explore the sim here: or direct link here: MagicHere.

( Dress from Angelwing)

Kara stepped forward and as the majestic unicorn leaned down Kara felt him say to her in her mind that she was welcome to mount. As Kara gingerly climbed upon the unicorn's back she suddenly felt a swirl of cloth being wrapped around her and once mounted was excited to see she was transformed into a fairy with wings and gown. The unicorn flew Kara to a magical place where the rainbow swirled around creating colors, shapes, lights and the most glorious beauty, as calming music softly played in the background. Again the unicorn spoke to Kara's mind saying....."This land is beautiful but it is not real for you yet and will not last long for you this time... soon I will drop you into a forest where you can play with and learn from the butterflies who have just emerged from their cocoons to a new freer and more beautiful life, then you must go home. Always remember your visit in the rainbow, your time as a fairy, and tell others of our existence for the world needs the hope peace and beauty that we have here and others may have the chance to visit if they just believe. Learn to make new beginnings for yourself in your world like the butterflies, enjoy life and remember what we have here for you. Although this place is ever changing it will always hold beauty and peace and you will return one day."

A New Year.. New Beginnings! Welcome 2011 (dress: Romantic Black Butterfly, Agnes dress and Lyrique, Joy by Precious hair. Nose "flutterbye" is by Awesome Blossom.)

With that, the unicorn disappeard and Kara was falling falling until she landed in a thick, soft pile of green moss in Chakryn Forest (ChakrynHere.)where to her delight the butterflies immediate surrounded her. They formed a dress around her and landed in her hair and on her face all the while their soft wings fluttering and whispering in Kara's ear, repeating what the unicorn had told her to enjoy her time here but upon return home to make new beginnings, enjoy life, and to share her experiences with others. Kara closed her eyes feeling the brush of many soft wings upon her suddenly vanish, and once again she was in the forest adjacent to her backyard wearing her old clothes. Try as she might she could no longer see one butterfly, fairy, unicorn or even the rainbow. As first she was sad for this loss but remembered their words of hope and ran to her house to begin telling others.
The beginning.

(Ok, I know this is the longest most boring post ever, but it just seemed like there was a story with these places and SL items, so I had to do it. I'll try not to again)

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