Saturday, January 22, 2011

Teen Sim Hits the Main Grid or direct link here: TeenSimHere.

As I'm writing this I am dancing in club Eros in sim Eros, The Eros Project, a teen made sim. The teens I ran into were very polite and helpful answering my many questions. The sim was fully made by teens in the teen grid and transferred over here to the main grid with the closing of the teen grid. This sim boasts 20 stores, 1 club, 1 competition/class area, 1 game area and 1 park.

(Photo: Kathy Nikolaidis, Heatherr Vespucciano, and Kara)
I first met Heatherr Vespucciano who showed me her clothing and original tattoo store, Vee Ehs. Heatherr will also be modeling outfits from /tee/ by tallie ems touche by KARISSA! silversmith in the BOSL teen fashion show the 29th.

Next I went to the club for dancing and socializing a little. The large club rivals any adult club I've seen in SL. Eros Foehammer explained he put this sim together, brought over three dozen teens together... "the sim is supposed to be a showcase for TG talent, the best representation of what teens have to offer the main grid." I was impressed. He was very polite and answered my million questions. I told him I was excited to see what the teens had to offer and he stated, "I've found that age doesn't define much, and I'm thankful creativity doesn't begin or ends at a certain age. I know a lot of adults are negative about the merge, but it's just a fear of change. When the dust settles, I think the teen community will assimilate well into the main grid and contribute just as much as anyone else" Well stated and I totally agree. He provided some additional information about some more teen areas, "There's Eutopia, Epic which are full commercial/residential privately owned sims and Eden a park homestead sim. There are only 4 privately owned sims... Eros is one of them, I rent it from the Estate owner, and I'm GM of her other sims,...all teen, except Eutopia and Epic is open to rent for anyone. Then there's the mainland from the teen grid which still has PG rating, and all PG rated sims on the main grid."

I know there is some concern youth as young as 15 could be exposed to the SL darker side of the main grid, but lets face it, if they wanted that they could have found it anyway and LL has the sims rated so the youngsters can't access the adult and mature sims unless they do it illegally, which some did before anyway. The group of youth I met today were a polite, mature, very talented group, and I hope the teens and adults can all enjoy SL and what each has to offer together.

(Photo: Club Eros, Eros on far right)


  1. Kara...Thanks for TPing me in to see the teen SIM... They are very talented and will add a new dimension to SL..good luck to all the SL teens :)

  2. NP, it was interesting wasn't it? Talented teens.