Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Linden Labs- It's All About ME! & my toes

One of my favorite bloggers, Chestnut Rau, recently blogged about the things she'd like to see improved in SL via an open letter to Linden Labs. I'm just going to link here because she pretty much covered what I'd have to say to LL, and no sense in me wasting my space. But she makes some other good points besides her requests including her belief that we/avatars in SL should be considered customers not "residents". Or at least that is my interpretation of what she was sort of saying. Residents sounds all sweet and touchy feely, but SL is a product we use and many people pay for. That being the case I think we do have the right or responsibility to let LL know when they need to fix something but ultimately they are in charge.

Chestnut makes some very fair requests such as customer service issues, tier costs, platform stability, IP Infringement controls, marketing, and a biggy VIEWER 2, among others. I'd like to add one of my own to her list though and that would be SL feet. OMGosh!!!! Why can't LL make better feet after all this time? They can't be harder to make than fingers which are somewhat normal in SL. Maybe this is more of a skin issue, but if so why are not any of the skin makers fixing this problem? My SL toes look horrible in their natural state and so do YOURS and everyone Else's. Everyone knows we all go to the beach in SL. We must have decent feet for this and other times. It seems like a simple request. I have tried prim feet of course and first of all some are not that easy to match with different skin tones. I own various types such as Stiletto Moodys with toes, toe sandals from Cream Shop, Jay's, and naked prim feet from Slink plus quite a few various others. They are actually all wonderful UNTIL I tp to another sim or change windlight settings. I used to have a set that seemed consistent wherever I went, but maybe that was before I used light setting adjustments so much because they don't work well now when I move around. I still love them for pictures and when settled but anyone who knows me knows I don't sitl still in any one sim for long. Anyway, I digress.

I'm generally a supporter of LL overall, as it is a business and they do have the right to decide how to run it and we as the customers can take it or leave it. Plus it is second life, not first life, so some things I've heard people rage on about LL have been so trivial in the scope of life. I think we should pick our battles, and Chestnut has put together a very fair list of requests. I hear with some new admin, they maybe are trying to be receptive to consumer feedback for improvements. Sounds good to me. Many people do spend a great deal of money in SL, and overall there is huge business in SL, but there are also a good number of people running around enjoying things for free including a lot of alts. Chestnut makes a good point in suggesting LL look at their big spenders and see what they like/want.

Anyway, I guess in the scope of things my toes are small potatoes and if I am going to pick my battles I should live with crappy feet until some other things are improved in SL.

Check out Chestnut's list and blog here (she's also a great explorer so can get exploring tips and locations too): or direct link ChestnutHere.


  1. I am *so* flattered! Thank you for your kind words.

  2. YVW Chestnut. Thanks for stopping by and also for all the good explore tips! ; )