Friday, January 14, 2011

42 Groups Enabled in SL!!

Word is out all over the net that LL opened up the group max to 42. Rumor has been around that this was going to happen in 2011 and while many of us were patiently awaiting this it seems it has taken forever. I went inworld for a moment this morning to try to clear things up a bit as I tend to cap and didn't notice any 42 group option, but then I may have been half asleep. I'd heard only V2 was going to have the 42 groups, but now I am reading all over the internet that most viewers are allowing the 42. I'll check in tonight and find out for sure.
(Apparently you have to enable this option in some viewers-see below)
One good source I found from my current fav viewer site (Phoenix Viewer): or direct link here: 42GrouphPhoenixHere.

"42 group limit is officially live on the grid!Fri, 14 Jan 2011
Linden Lab has now officially announced that they have indeed enabled 42 group max on the server. In their blog post they also discuss some other exciting changes current and in the near future.
Read the blog here:
In expectation of this 40 group limit, Phoenix Viewers 725 and 818 already have support for them, however you have to enable it in the debug menu first. Here is how...
1. If you do not already have the advanced menu open, click on the Phoenix Menu, next to help at the top and click "Show Advanced"
2. Click the advanced menu, look down to the 4th from bottom and click Debug Settings...
3. Type in phoenix40GroupsSupport
4. Set the drop down below that too TRUE.
5. Relog.

Now early on Linden Lab had announced they would increase group limits to 40 originally, so we set it to 40, however Oskar Linden convinced them to increase it to 42 groups<3. While phoenix will say you have a 40 group limit, you can actually join 42. The next version of Phoenix will have this addressed.

Many have asked what will happen if Linden Lab reduces this number down the road.

I've been assured that the result of such a decision would not cause you to lose any groups you belong too. However to join a new group, you will need to leave groups to 1 below the changed limit. For example, if you join 42 groups and Linden Lab reduces the max to 40 later, you will need to leave 3 groups, to open a slot to join a new group.

Enjoy the additional groups!

Jessica Lyon
Phoenix Viewer Project Inc."

I'm really going to love this, but now I will be capping out constantly. If you want me and I'm offline, be sure to send a note card.

Woot! 42 enabled.. but I did have to follow the Phoenix instructions above to enable it for myself. Yay! ; )


  1. Does a ** happy ** dance!! ** knees knocking ** HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

  2. I know, right? Ok, so I"m at my new max already. Now I have so much info. coming in I know ALL! And OMGosh, the sales too! I'll never lack for a cool event to see either. I love it!

  3. I did this in the debug menu, rebooted and it goes back to false. I never had to do anything and I was able to join. I dropped to 41 groups and now I cant jojn anymore.