Friday, January 14, 2011

ProPoser's Hunt


Let the hunt begin! I just love the Pro Poser's Hunt, and hunt 3 start tomorrow January 15, 2011 running through February 15.

The hunt is circular and you can get a starting point and see pictures of the poses, get hunt locations and hints at the official blog spot listed below OR you can start in the shop of my friend Brody Muircastle with his partner Trinidad Anatine, On Stage Poses, Props, poses, and photography. I first met Brody while out exploring and he taught me to use windlight. His partner Trin, is an exceptional photographer who I greatly admire for her impressive photos and talented photoshop skills that creatively enhance the integrity of a shot w/out overdoing it. Brody now makes poses and is also a photographer with a keen imagination lending to his creative photo ideas and poses. They make a great team. Check out their shop while grabbing your Poser Hunt gift: or direct link here: OnStageHere.

Their notecard reads in part "... On Stage Poses.. Props, Poses, Photography and studio of Brody Mercastle and Trinadad. The amazing talent and abilities of Trinidad Anatine will capture your thoughts and imagination within your pictures. On Stage Studios and Trin make every picture your memory. Visit the Gallery and Studio for a taste of what she can do. A Master PhotoLife Photographer with years of fashion, modeling, portrait, and landscape experience. Trin makes everyone feel center stage......On Stage.

THE HUNT! or direct link here: PoseHuntBlogHere.

The Proposer Hunt Information in part :

This hunt is created to let you have some fun, find poses, discover new stores and enjoy the ones you already know. You will have the possibility to get tons of poses in this first New Year hunt! (The hunt is for..)
Anyone who loves poses or is crazy about photography...better... anyone who loves being in SL can join us :)

Very important------> Join our PROPOSER GROUP. It will be the only way for you to get the gifts; so during the hunt don't forget to wear our group tag.

- Take a look in our blog to find the hints :
- Ask in our group chat ---> please don't ask for the location of the gift, It's still a hunt!!!

Group Mission Statement
Pro Poser was created to bring unity between all pose makers and the people of SL. This group is here to help YOU capture your perfect moment whether it is a moment of love, a personal emotion of happyness or sadness, or being fierce on the runway. The pose makers of Pro Poser want to be apart of that and help you find a way to express your moment. So join this group and be a Pro Poser in SL."

Look for the glowing hand symbol! See you posers around the hunt!

Update info:
The ProPoser Hunt3 begins today January 15th. Here are a list of the stores and start location.

Essential Soul =official start point

For Hints visit the official hunt blog

1- Essential Soul
2- BeScene Poses
3- Lost World
4- NLimbo
5- Amacci
6- .:S:. Stance
7- aDORKable Poses
8- Morgane Batista Poses Shop
10- Studio Sidhe
11- Props-N-Poses
13- Kabuki Creations
14- ::WetCat::
15- {Just A Pose}
16- Olive Juice
17- *EverGlow*
18- oOo Studio
19- Bound & Bitten
20- EmmePose
21- Diesel Works Poses & Animations
23- P.pop{Pose&Pop}
24- Razmataz
25- Body Talking
26- *~*HopScotch*~*
27- I s2 Posey
28- Miamai
29- ::eXpression:: Poses
30- Eternal Dream
31- WDK
32- TeaSoup
33- Hot Dolphin Love Animations
34- Just In The Nick Of Time
35- { P.S. PoseWorks}
36- agapee
37- AyYaiYai
39- AAA Poses
40- Slash Me Poses
41- BehaviorBody
42- Di's Opera
43- ChereeMotion
44- HelaMiyo
45- [Lyndz-Matic] Poses
46- hate me and eat me
47- beemann
49- Atooly
50- gesticulate
51- On Stage Studios

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