Monday, January 17, 2011

Kolor Studio 2011-Grand opening show tonight or direct link here KolorHere.

Kolor Fall is at it again with a whole new set up in his sim and this time it's multi- level and takes a while to see it all because it is very large, interactive, and so impressive you want to see it all and absorb it. This is 4 levels of fun. No wonder I haven't been seeing him around or hearing from him lately, he must have been very busy. A ground level hosts Blue Angel, Pete's Dive a lounge, there is a underwater level with much glowing sea life by Glyph Graves and art, there is a level with lights and colors all over the place and in one section there is a grouping of Kolor's RL art but it is interactive. I was so pleased to have one of his works slowly begin to float blocks of it out in the air out and around me when I clicked on it. There is a grand opening tonight at 6SLT. Be sure to click everything as many of the works of art hold gifts and surprises.
Their note card in part here.... "Kolor Studio 2011
Thanks to all the many people that worked and helped on the sim, for 2011.
(This sim is a Filming zone, where people do Machinima, so don't do anything your not comfortable having a million people see)

A lot will be happening in the Kolor Studio in 2011, we have just completed a two sim wide build, but that's just the start of things

Main Level:
Kolor Install's, Glyph Graves Underwater Area, Puddles of Light Sim
Most things are interactive at this level. Back by popular demand, the Dance Cubes - just sit on them, height controller is a pink stick.
To Draw, just mouse click over the paintings.
Who Knows what the other stuff does(and some things even give gifts when u click on them).

Puddles of Light Install - new 2011 Sim Wide "Art Game"
Also on the main level, but a Sim level interactive piece.
Fly into the "puddle movers" to modify the land -
Walk next to puddle light to start building structure -
Puddles is a interactive piece, run by differential equations that simulate life and neural networks, that interact with avatars.
The ground (which is modifiable), defines a chaotic field which the equations play with (moving puddles light).
The structure that moves up into the sky, slowly changes over days, as people play with the light.
[note there is a 6 avatar limit in that sim, due to performance reasons]
you can view where the puddles are going ... by looking over the waterfall's from the main sim.

Sim wide Structure & benches by Scarp Godenought with my collection of White Lebed's Sculptures (I have most of her major pieces that cover this level of the sim).

Blue Angel Poet's Dive
Poetry group meets every sunday at 5 pm. Park and install done by various artists (Hyapatia Pickens, Taylor Danick, Kolor ).
Park and Blue Angel Building Done by Nickola Martynov and Nestra Careless"

Kolor Fall-sim opening party tonight
Here's how Kolor looks today

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