Monday, January 17, 2011

Side Show Freaks Hunt-fun explores, shops, and prizes to find

Ok, I don't really like to do too much SL hunting because it is time consuming BUT, I found another hunt that is also one for finding good explores and some great shops, and exploring is my thing. So one more hunt post then I'll move on to something else. Today I was told I should try the "Side Show Freaks Hunt" by "'Ol Dirty Bastards". Along the way one of the hunts led me to a very cute shop - direct link here: PostHere", with a side show tent and some other things outside. The whole area was cute and they have another hunt item easily found there too, but my main objective was the circus tent. Inside I found a two headed cow. My hunt item (look for the black and white swirly lollypop) was in the cow general area kinda "buried" so I'm not really giving away the hunt find totally. This hunt runs Jan. 13, 2011 through Feb, 13. Check it out on their blog site for start and hints or direct link here: ODBHuntBlogHere. Their official starting point is here: or direct link here: ODBHere.

Some great stores are involved including: .::ODB::.
Razorblade Jacket, Jabberwocky, Soulless Productions, [A.R.C.+F.N.]], Pie Hole, Grim Bros., Kuroi ::KK:: Koneko, Hot Dolphin Love Animations, *Bad Juju*, aMuse, DetriMental, hEaDcAsE, .:It's Cake:., #Before Sleep#, []ρσℓє[], Blurred, Fire GOOD!!!,MiChIGaN's ShAcK, Yellow JesteR, FacTs, Weather! or not?, Dels Odd Shop, V TATTOO STORE, Embody Shapes & Poses, FlufferNutterz, GUHL, hooligan streetwear, Violent Seduction, ::Gehenna::, Tacky Star, *sweet*B*, *.::[NV]::.*, Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Trivia, [BAIT], SUGABEANS, ::POP::,DommEcile, October Alchemy, ## CI ##
*diavolicious*, [BedlaM], Vels Boutique, P.pop, Noctis, Ello Poppet, !! BrickWerkz !!, The Happy Hat, POST. ALI COUTURE, AIDORU, Janzoe Designs, *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*,Eye Candi, Devil's Trade, !WhAtEvR!

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