Thursday, January 27, 2011

Explore Picklesong, Pickleflower, Picklemoon, and Picklefish

Direct links to the sims located at the bottom of this post. For more photos including the snail and dragon check out my Flickr here: or direct link here: KTFickrHere.

The Pickles are here. Hurry over to explore these wonderful sims. I first found Picklesong thanks to the Photohunt group on Wednesday, as this was the location for their hunt. There is so much to see and do, such as ride the giant snail around, dance and pose on the many poseballs, explore gorgeous caves filled with magical flowers, mushrooms, trees and dragons, exclusive fish/ing, Unicorns, watch the flying gargoyles soar overhead, and roam the pretty impressive haunted house. Picklesong seems to be the darkest themed of them all. There are magic doors if needed but I enjoy walking and seeing all the sites. From there I found links to the also impressive associated Pickelflower and Pickelfish sims. Check them out if you enjoy a good fantasy sim, like to take cool pictures, enjoy playing on things, or just want to enjoy a scenic dance with a friend. Picklefish Island is home to the Secret Squirrel Cafe, a shooting gallery, an aquarium, and many other cool things mostly set into a winter themed island. All have many wonderful poses, dances, and nooks and crannies. Each is very unique to the others and very worth checking out.
Tiny Fairy direct link here: PSongHere. direct link here: PFlowerHere. direct link here: PMoonHere. direct link here: PSongHere. direct link here: FishHere.

I can't emphasize enough how much there is to play on if you look closely. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey, I stumbled upon this while seeking out more information about these fantastic sims.

    ...and in another 5 years, maybe someone else will, too!

    I hope they're preserved as some sort of heritage sites or "national monuments" in SL, even if the creator(s) decides to pack it in. I would support that if I had the cash money.