Friday, January 21, 2011

SFL League Games -Get Your Tickets Now!

The SFL (Second Football League) was off to a great start last weekend after a somewhat lengthy pre-season. If you have been following my blog you will know that my original co-owners split and eventually disbanded following a merg. Our original team has kind of scattered to the wind but I think that was not uncommon as pre-season sorted out. The remaining 13 teams have worked hard and their time and practice should show that.

(Quick snap I took in my new "away" uniform!)

Recently I joined up with the BOSL Browns cheer squad. I actually write monthly for "The Best Of Second Life" magazine covering events and fashion... check that out here: or direct link here: BOSLHere. So the BOSL Browns seems a good fit for me at this time. Plus the ladies have very classy uniforms and I'm very excited to be joining them.

Last weekend was the league opening games and Sunday even held a surprising tie between the Patriots and Packers for a sudden death ending. Some of the games, or maybe all, are televised so you can also watch online or reruns later here: or direct link here: MetaTVHere.

This weekend game schedule:
Friday @ 6pm - SFL Stadium: Polano Chargers v. TGF Dolphins
Sat. @ 3pm - SFL Stadium: Heartland Cardinals v. GC Redskins
Sun. @ 6pm - SFL Stadium: BOSL Browns vs. DC Giants

The BOSL Browns first league game is this Sunday so be sure to get your tickets on the marketplace here: or direct link here: TicketsHere.

Sunday I will be dressed out in squad uniform on sideline cheering the game on with a group of cheerleaders while some of the the cheerleaders present their half time dance show they have prepared. If you want to watch the game or see me up close cheering be sure to get your tickets!

SFL Players Club Opening
SFL Player's Club Party

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