Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Viewer Changes Coming up for Kara

I was about to panic when I learned that LL is wanting to do away with all non- sanctioned viewers and 1x code viewers that includes my beloved Phoenix, as they have big plans for V2 and would like people to be on that. The rumor is that within three to four months LL is removing the "search" feature from these other viewers which would in essence kill the use-ablity and make everyone have to switch. But I was told by a friend who seems to know all, that we are not to worry. Phoenix is working on Firestorm which will have as many features of Phoenix as possible including the radar that I love and need for exploring with slow friends. It's his understanding Firestorm should be ready for release by the time LL makes the changes.

Another friend provided me this link to video on the subject specifically around 4:00 and 27:00times. January 11th Rezzed.TV held a taped interview with Jessica Lyon of Phoenix, on "The Phoenix Hour"-check it out here: or PhoenixIntvHere.

Firestorm will try to keep us happy and even add some nice features such as media on a prim and others. So I am not going to panic and just be mentally prepared for more changes.

BUT ...I would like LL to know that I would love to be able to use their viewer and would actually feel more protected on it, but can they PLEASE make it more user friendly and have some of the special features I love that seem to be missing from V2 but Phoenix and some others have? I could make them a list. I even ran into a noob not very old saying they had to switch to Phoenix as V2 was too hard to learn. Anyway.. be prepared for more changes soon if you are not a V2 user.


  1. KT ... Thanks for this timely and intriguing info. As yet I see no firestorm beta but will be on the lookout. Also, thank you for including the MAG and proMAG on your blog list. The machinima Gods are smiling on you!