Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Explore SL Some More-XIV in Dignity

Zachh Cale, a SL musician, joined me for some piano music to go with my cello
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dignity/19/189/21 or direct link here: XIVHere.

Chouchou background sim music plays in a beautiful area that includes a cello and piano you can pose in. There is a gorgeous carousel, and wonderful stray lights all about. There is also much beautiful seating with optional poses. You will find an area about books you can sit in with multiple poses at the table (or even under the table) that all floats in the air surrounded by stacks of books. There are written words around the sim with quotes on time, music, books, etc and so much more inside and outside a domed area.

Some of the words upon entering the main area through a circular light portal declares:
"XIV Time Will Tell...Dedicated to Kizer Fallen
I probably won't even keep this land if not for his encouragement Thanks : ) "Time Will Tell" reflects about me and like a friend said, "This is like looking at your soul and also cafe mocha" He just might be correct, Enjoy xoxo Vix.y"

Piper also joined me
My RL/SL sis Piper also joined me

It all appears to be owned by Vixsilver Yoshiak. Check it out. It is fast becoming a SL Flickr photographer's favorite.

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