Friday, January 28, 2011

Split Screen Hosts Misprint Thursday and oona Eiren

Split Screen is re-opening this weekend with its February installations. Split screen North hosts Misprint Thursday's "White Shirt". Location: or direct link here: WhiteShirtsHere.
Split Screen South is currently host to oona Eiren's, "Live" at or direct link here: LiveHere.

"White Shirt is a site specific installation dealing with the personification of a white shirt," states Misprint's info. card.

Oona's note says, "Live!........was created while I was building some vintage Hi Fi record players and TVs. As with most of my work the piece emerged from a series of unconnected ideas. These may have come from a sound, or a drawing, something someone said, an image from a film or the tv ... it could have come while out walking, listening on headphones to my current favourite sound works."

>>> Both installations use MEDIA and other settings -- please read the notecards!

Dividni Shostakovich's note says, :"The Split Screen Installation Space is part of a sim where artists and builders develop and exhibit a large installation. In general, one or two artists will use the space for two months (give or take), and then another artist will take over. The space is meant for large builds that utilize the possibilities of Second Life as an artistic or immersive medium, such as works that are impossible in real life."

Be sure to visit both installations. There is a teleport on the Split Screen kiosk near the landing point. There is also a store for the artists (who receive all proceeds).


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