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UWA 3D Open Art Challenge Plus "Angry Gods" by FreeWee Ling

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The UWA (University of Western Australia) 3d challenge is in full voting swing-see below for more info. But also at the UWA Virlantis sim is an exhibit by FreeWee Ling called, "Angry Gods- An Apocalyptic Vision". I wanted to see this before work today so popped over with the intent of a run through to see if it warranted blogging or further exploring later, and it did. My only disappointment was that in my limited morning time I soon discovered my photos were not saved properly. When taking shots, they appeared fine on my monitor but in the computer they lost details, so I resorted to some screen shots just for the blog today. I will work on photos later, but after reading the instructional note card for the exhibit perhaps the way it is made has something to do with the way the graphics photograph. It was recommended to basically turn everything max. I did this and it was pretty much a WOW! factor. Things were larger than life with lots of fire, and colors and scenery and stuff. So after reading the note and trying to get a few shots I gave up on following the story around the area for lack of time. I could see it was going to be a bit of a journey so I will go back later, but leave the info. I did get here today.
uwa_044 uwasnip2
(These are HUGE.. just saying)

Some of the instructions stated:.."These instructions are essential for fully appreciating the experience you are about to have. ..use the maximum graphics settings...widen your camera view. Set your draw distance to AT LEAST 256 meters. There are a number of scenic overlooks here. Set particles to the maximum your computer can handle. Turn up Sounds. The music stream is optional. There is no media stream..."
CAUTION!!! Things fall from the sky and other things may not be as stable as they appear.
It’s the end of the world.
This is not a maze.
There are no choices here.
Your fate is sealed.
You cannot turn back.
Follow the path.
Do not deviate.
If you get stuck or lost, deal with it.
It will do you no good to complain.
Keep your head up.
Look ahead and above, often.
Watch the sky.
Be prepared to run or take cover.
..-FreeWee Ling"

(O, yeah.. I deviated from the path as usual)

Visit here: or direct link here:UWAAngryGodsHere.

For more information and I'm sure much more clarity visit FreeWee's blog here: or direct link here: FreeWeeHere.

This is a list of the 59 entries for the month of JUNE 2011 for the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge.

Announcements & Party: 6AM SLT SUNDAY JULY 3rd
Vote for as many entries as you like, on a scale of 1 to 3. Note that ANY VOTE is a POSITIVE vote. If you don't like something, don't vote for it. It's important that you look at all the works and to vote for all the pieces that truly speak to you. You are, of course, welcome to encourage your friends to come see the show and to vote for their favorite pieces. But please don't tell them to just come and vote for yours. It's about the art, not the artist!
1 Anje.Aichi UWA Clocktower Mood
2 Artée Manege Incertain
3 Artée Musique Aleatoire Pure
4 Barry Richez Bodyspace
5 Betty Tureaud The Poem
6 Betty Tureaud The world balance
7 Cherry Manga Soul
8 Cherry Manga Spring Box
9 Corcosman Voom We Sailed Off To The Stars
10 Daco Monday anche l'occhio di Dio psichedelico cornice
11 Daco Monday urlo 2
12 Dagmar Klaar Liberty Perseveres
13 Dagmar Klaar Weiner Dog Art Redux
14 Darek Deluca Amorphous Torus - Random
15 Dusty Canning The Get-Away
16 Dusty Canning UWA TV Morning Exercises
17 Earl Dinkin Mailbox Steps Doorbell Other Side Same 2
18 Eifachfilm Vacirca Titan
19 Emilin Nakamori Dangling Narrow Chain Demonstrator Final
20 Fae Varriale The Lady of Llyn y Fan Fach
21 fiona Blaylock Earth angel
22 fiona Blaylock storm
23 Frankx Lefavre Vortex on Blue
24 Fuschia Nightfire Psychedelic Box
25 Gleman Jun Life Is Like Riding a Unicycle by Gleman Jun
26 Haveit Neox Serendipitous Kitchen
27 Katz Jupiter Cow woman isn't amused!
28 Kolor Fall BeforeY
29 Ling Serenity Kokeshi Queen
30 Lollito Larkham Boxing room
31 Milly Sharple Jacob's Ladder
32 Miso Susanowa Thy Rod On Staff, He Comforts Me
33 Miso Susanowa Daddy (Venomous Constricter)
34 Nettrice Beattie Wildstyle 1
35 Nino Vichan Piume di Pavone
36 Nish Mip Run for the Shadows
37 PeanutbuttahJellehTime Magic Figure This
38 PeanutbuttahJellehTime Magic We're Toast!!!
39 Penumbra Carter Egg squishing thing
40 RAG Randt Monkey Kitchen
42 ℜazoℜZ Stargate Pyramid: A monument to time travel
43 Rebeca Bashly The ninth circle: The frozen river Cocytus
44 Rory Torrance DreamFlower
45 Rory Torrance Eight-Fold Path
46 Secret Rage Torn
47 Secret Rage No Stones
48 Sharni Azalee Love's Eternal - Inspired by Bay Sweetwater and Twinkle
49 Silene Christen if you gaze for long into an abyss
50 Sledge Roffo Here Comes the Sun
51 Soda Lemondrop Determinism
52 Spiral Silverstar fractal flowition
53 Spiral Silverstar Morphing Fractal Series- #2 UWA
54 spirit Radikal Trust
55 Thoth Jantzen Kaleidoscopium II
56 Toughlove Sabra When Angels Stop Caring
57 Ub Yifu In Out There
58 Uman Kesslinger Tribute to the Geofictional society
59 Zany Foxtrot Butterfly tree

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