Sunday, June 26, 2011

Light and Gravity

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Light & Gravity

Light and Gravity had it's live presentation opening at the art institute of Boston at Lesley University in Boston, MA, USA yesterday and today held it's SL opening. It is curated by Piexels Sideways and Sunseeker Miklos.
Participating Artists:
Aequitas (US)
Alizarin Goldflake (US)
Bryn Oh (Canada)
Georg Janick (US)
Glyph Graves (Australia)
Igor Ballyhoo (Serbia)
Lollito Larkham (France)
Luce Laval (Italy)
Maya Paris (UK)
Merlino Mayo (Italy)
Oberon Onmura (US)
Pixels Sideways (US)
Shellina Winkler (Italy)
Sunseeker Miklos (US)
Ub Yifu (France)

Light and Gravity
Additional information can be found on the LIGHT AND GRAVITY Web-Blog here:

Note that many of the exhibits are interactive, have sounds, one requires you turn on and play your media (video), some have suggested sky settings. So have fun and experiment and play and interact with the art.

You can move around the exhibition via teleports by touching the glowy boxes, and by walking, by flying or by the handy Light and Gravity HUD.

For additional information on Caerleon & the Virtual Art Initiative, please visit the VAI web site at:

Light and Gravity

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