Friday, June 10, 2011

Explore Second Life

Periodically I post some explores I have really enjoyed. Here are a few more.

Crommhold, vitis here: or direct link here: CrommholdHere. This sim may become one of my favs and I wish I had more pics readily available to show the many beautiful places that appeal to my inner fairy. There are caves, one filled with huge sparkling multi-colored mushrooms, plenty of cozy corners, romantic areas, dancing, tree and mountain top hangouts, tons of great scenery, flowers, stray lights, etc, some active angry bees and giant ants and just a lot of cool things to see and enjoy.
Daytime Dreams
Daytime Dreams
Daytime Dreams Slurl here: Direct link here: DaytimeDreamsHere. This sim starts with a black/white checkerboard ground, with some fantsy colorful mushroomy aurora areas, giant chess board that is playable, various bits of large immersive art bits including the mechanical horse by Bryn Oh, that is also in Anna's Murders previously blogged. There is a shop, but the most interesting part is found once the magic door is entered. From there you topple down an Alice in Wonderland area full of floating things including the tea party you can sit at if you can catch a spot before falling to the floor where there is another magic door leading to this twirling clock tunnel in my photo that leads to one place after another. Click everything as you dont' want to miss going through the fireplace or falling underground to the dot room, etc. Fun place.

Cadeling Garden
Cadeling Garden Visit or direct link here:">Cadeling GardenHere. This place is a photographer's dream that works well with all windlights. It's based on water and has separate pretty scenes for hanging out or photography I guess, including a beautiful swing set, gazebo type area, this cute sculpture with posing deer, and others. There are a couple of shops in the area including one that has some fun art that is for sale.

**********So after I posted this I went blog hopping and found info. about this sim on the Art and Entertainment blog about a grand opening here today at 1:30SLT TODAY __ Rather than repeat, if interested just check it out here: or direct link here: CadelingArtandEntertaimentHere.
Beach Party
Bama Breeze check it out here: O, crud I don't have the SLurl atm, as I'm on work lunch break, but it can be easily found in search and I'll try to add it later. Trasc McAllen, one of the original owners of "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere", put a lot of love into this exceptional beach themed sim. There is a lot to see and do and plenty of pretty, cozy quiet spots too. They have live music each Monday evening. Don't miss going inside the active volcano and be sure to click on things all around.

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