Saturday, June 25, 2011

SaraMarie Philly Weekend Tour


SaraMarie Philly is having a weekend tour and has a new album due for release soon. Don't miss this amazing artist with the voice of an angel. Her schedule and locations for this weekend below.

Remaining schedule as of this posting:

Saturday, June 25
11am - Le Chiantelle-Royal Tropic Bay 65,224,21
1pm - Lost Lovers-live, lose lvoers island 129, 84
4pm - Relay for Life-Dream to live yard sale at ember, samjogo 61,164,1001

Sunday, June 26
10am- Fire Beach, Fire 30,53,21
12am- My Wish Venu, Island Depot 24,198,22
2pm- Moonlit Gardens, Moonlit Gardens Live Events, Moonlit Gardens 244,50,23
4pm - Solana's Place, live music venue and aart gallery
6pm - High Spirits Charity Venue, HS Trillium Music Park "keeping , Spirit of Candad 123, 176,2
8pm - Drunken Drow

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  1. Hey Kara :) Thank you for posting this! It was an amazing weekend. I met a lot of new people and got to share some wonderful music. I appreciate your support so much! -Sara