Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kara Light and Dark

I am by no means a fashion blogger or fashionista and won't pretend to be one, but I love the diversity one can achieve in SL and so I'm posting a couple of looks I like.

donnaflora_003 Punk
First Look:
dress: Donna Flora Salmon VIRNA -dress with hat
necklace and earrings with hud: Donna Flora BOUQUET
ring: Donna Flora BICE
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Greta-gold
glasses: Air Angela with charm
hair: Truth, Jasmine
Second Look:
pants: x-dream dsg pants-sports black
top: tube top black insatiable fashions cupcakes opening freebie
facial piercings: envi-nose and lip fall
skin: acorn cupid-pure 4 skin
choker and cuff: akaesha's spiked choker and right cuff
hair: Truth piper night hair
shoes: akeyo chucks
tattoo: dream ink T.E.S. 22-14

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