Thursday, June 30, 2011

Machinima Book and Rez Day Celebrations!

Today is a special day for two of my friends, Lowe Runo and Sonicity Fitzroy. First of all Lowe, otherwise known to many as machinima man, is celebrating his 5th SL rez day today. On top of that the publisher has released pre-order information for the book, "Machinima, The Art and Practice of Virtual Filmmaking" co-authored by Lowe and his business partner and great friend, Sonicity, otherwise known to me as word-woman for her many previously published books, articles, and multitude of RL and SL writings. They both have worked hard and have accomplished a lot and I'm very proud of them and also proud to call them friends. This should be a very happy day for them and so I want to pass on their information here but plan to provide more information when the book is actually released some time later this fall. Many Second Life residents were interviewed and mentioned so we can look forward to seeing names we recognize.

Pre-orders can be made now and I've ordered and am waiting for my copy. : ) You can pre-order here: or direct link here: SoniLoweBOOKorderHere.

If you want more info. on these two I previously blogged a great deal about them over a year ago when Lowe Runo Productions, LLC was established in SL. More info. here: direct link here: LoweSoniHere.

I'm posting a couple of casual pics I took of them. Don't forget to congratulate them both and wish Lowe a happy rez day while you are at it.
Happy 5th Rez Day Lowe Runo

Sexy Soni

Check out a link to just one of their many machinima sites with great info. : or direct link here: MAGHere. Pro-mag direct link also to the right in fav'd sites. Lowe made a very cute thank you to his SL friends today which has been posted on this MAG site linked here as well as his Flickr and yes.. shameless plug since I am in it. : ) Check it out.. very cute and touching remembrance of his 5 years in SL via machinima.

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