Thursday, June 30, 2011

Epic Toys- And a Whole Lot More

Visit here: or direct link here: EpicToysHere.

Epic Toys
I found this very cool sim today, Epic Toys, that is loaded with fun stuff to see, play on and buy. Plus they provide a note card with a ton of other categorized places to go to find things.
Part of their note card reads:
ღ Welcome to The Epic Toy Factory home to Epic Toysღ

Below is a list of Landmarks that will tour you around my imagination. Why ?? Simple, because it can get a little confusing in there!!

So I thought i would make it easier. You can use this map by clicking on the Landmarks appearing in blue below,
CHOCOLATE everywhere and our Main Landing Platform full of info about events, Hunts & promotions current and coming.
Sweet Treats Playground Village
An interesting addition for the lovers of Fantasy steam.
THE TOY FACTORY, a Fun Place to explore & a collection of vendors to make it easy to take home an Epic Toy
Our latest release wall..another quick way to take home what you are looking for
Mermainia Caverns
Our Green House holds a collection of our Shrooms, wonder delights and brillant colour abundant
Bridge to nowhere...a beautiful build worth alook and gives you a great view of our christmas snowglobe home and wing. Candy Teleporter to the north pol available from here
Buguls den, Epic Toys Dark Fantasy Wing. Come explore the dark resess's of the Toymakers imagination O.o
Aladins Cave..A wing of epic with a fantasy silk road atmosphere
Swampadia, home to the swamp hag..visit if you dare to see one of the most as it has been reffered interesting homes in SL
A few other places ..some of my personal favourites are below....jump around and have a peek
〜 OR 〜
You will find mushroom teleports located all around the spheres that make up The Epic Toy Factory's Main Location, to get you from hither to dither (there is a picture of it below).
To use the teleports, simply right click and select teleport, your avatar shall take a seat and patiently wait for you to select a destination with a click from the drop down menu to the right of your screen . Safe Journey La' Toymaker.
Our Other Store Locations around the Grid ar listed below.
Just great mall to shop in regardless of what your looking for you may indeed find it here
Farhaven, A great place to shop for the Fae in you...Farhaven offers a variety of shops and some fantabulous events.
Echo Creations.. A great mixture of creations including Full Perm Merchants. If your a builder worth checking out, if your not fun place to visit
The Epic Toy Factory could not be what it is without the Creators/Developers listed Below. Check them out they are fantastic.
And just a few place we love
Shop Tools"
And by each of these their note lists with landmarks other stores.. which I think is a great credit but also lets others know where to find cool things. Kudos to these people ( I think the owner is Mayah Parx) for that. The landmarks don't copy here, sorry, but pick up a note card at the toy store door for some great info. This place is like a kid's dream world.
Epic Toys
(the dragon tour ride)
Epic Toys
(the buggy tour ride)

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