Friday, June 17, 2011

Fairy & Elf Talk-40 Years Later & A Senior Event in SL

My good friend Toogy, AKA: Ant and I made another short video, just for fun and because we are the same age with birthdays within a month of each other. But then I found a note about a senior event in SL this weekend.

For more elf and fairy talk check out my Flickr (see direct link to the right) and there is a set.

For more information about the senior event this weekened check out Vaneeesa's blog/linked below.
V A N E E E S A B L A Y L O C K / C O M P A N Y
=========performance artists=========
♦ Art ♦ Culture ♦ Activism ♦ Identity ♦
The notes information states:
SLT: 10am - Noon
EDT: 1-3pm
GMT: 5-7pm
BST: 6-8pm
CEST / SAST: 7-9pm
MSD: 9-11pm

HKT: 1-3am
JST: 2-4am
AEST: 3-5am
Full Details:
Arrival: Event here: or direct link here: SeniorEventHere.

* Make yourself a "Senior Citizen" avatar and come stand with us!
* Or come view the performance.

Some places in SL to get elderly avatars include:
- Tuty's and MrSIGMUND Creations (81,169,116)* Note: This is where my avatar is from in the video.
-Grim Bros, Clematis Island
-SkyShop HairResort flexi hair & Jewelry, Heaton (78,189,296)
-The Wigglesworth's Residence
-Tooter Claxton Avatars-Hobo general & Homeless Howard Avatars
-Uncommon Women Aged Shapes and S.Ookami Ningen (75,103,27)

PS: maybe we're not quite as alone as we think -- Agnes found a flickr group for virtual seniors!
See You Saturday SLT morning!
Let us know if you have questions or need help!

Paste this in local chat to get a link to the VB Friends Group:
--- Vaneeesa Blaylock, Artistic Director"

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