Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well, I guess this is a good time to thank my SL friends, blog readers and Flickr friends. I've had so much fun with so many people I've met in this virtual world. Yesterday was my real life birthday and I didn't mention it because I tend to keep RL and SL pretty separate as much as possible. But my RL/SL sis, Piper, decorated my new SL house up pretty with balloons, cakes etc., and I received some awesome gifts, cards and greetings from some great friends, especially Kathy and Cafi, and I had a ton of SL Facebook greetings too. Thank you all so much! I'm copying my good friend Ticklemeorage, AKA, Ant or Toogy's Flickr greeting here for my safe keeping forever and ever-her's is animated if you want to check her cool Flickr stream that is loaded with fun pics and videos. or direct link here: AntHere


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