Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Explore Crommhold

My Movie Maker hasn't been working for me for about a week and so today I cleared out some old footage and it seems to have helped some and I was able to render a short video of the fairy mushroom garden in Crommhold, a beautiful sim that is a "must see" for magic lovers in SL. This is one tiny piece of the large scenic sim of beauty to explore which includes this area as well as caves, flower fields, dance areas, animated poses, giant ants, bees that do chase and sting, huge waterfalls, tree houses with a wonderful library, statues, many stray lights, butterflies, and even a few creepy places, etc. Some things are somewhat hidden which makes the explore all the better. Anyway.., this is an adorable sim called Crommhold at:
The music is one of my favs, Selena Gomez's Magic that I often use for my SL magic : )

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