Sunday, June 5, 2011

June Weddings and the SL PhotoLIFE 2011 Wedding Expo

The Gown
Weddings are in the air in SL, just like RL. I attended my share of SL weddings last month, but this is June, traditionally the big month for weddings. The PhotoLIFE Wedding expo sponsored by Scruplz is in full force exhibiting wedding attire, photography, event planners, makeup, place settings, gifts, flowers, lingerie, jewelry, poses and props and just about anything one would need for a SL wedding. Anyone in SL for very long knows some of the weddings can be eerily realistic. Just about anything you have or do in a RL wedding can be emulated in a SL wedding. From the music, all the animations and poses, foods, even cake cutting and garter tossing... it's all available and at a fraction of the RL cost! The expo runs the month of June with 22 vendors include Photolife, PNP poses, Sparkle Skye designs, October Studios, Wedding Stop by Invitation Station, Tupelo Honey Baked Goods, and many more. Tonight at the expocentre Toran Babenco was scheduled to perform while models showcased some of the vendor designs throughout the event. O, and did I mention there are quite a few good freebies? Yup

I love this dress I'm wearing called Eternal Love, by Sparkle Skye. They have a booth at the expo and I couldn't resist this one. So I grabbed my good friend and top model, Burly Tigerpaw, for some quick wedding-like pics to go with this post and show off my new dress. Fortunately for me, the SL non-marrying type, this dress comes with many layers and options and I can wear the tea length dress out some time.

If you want to check out the expo here is the SLurl: or direct link here: WeddingExpoHere.


On another June wedding note, today was the Unwedding my Friend Ze Moo helped arrange. Styled after the Alice in Wonderland Unwedding it apparently went like this: Anyone who wanted to showed up and stood silent for an hour after which time all the participants were married to all the others. I did get an invite, but was busy so couldn't attend but my blogger friend Apmel did a great write up with many photos. Check his post out here: or direct link here: ApmelHere. ColeMarie also sang after the event for the party. It looks like there was some great wedding attire there and lots of fun. So THAT was what Ze moo was talking about when he asked me to marry him. : )

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  1. Nice! I am a wedding planner and even organize wedding expos at times. This post is nice and I think even take ideas from here for my next project. It is going to be in one of the San Francisco wedding venues. It’s a big fair I will share the dates on my blog.