Thursday, June 23, 2011

And They're Off!-Second Life Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Last night I enjoyed some SL horse racing at Champions race track at Creeds Paradise. I was impressed at how well organized things were considering I hadn't previously heard about SL horse racing and learned these races have been in operation since late 2010. The commentary was great and I loved the jokes from spectators regarding the unusual *cough* horse names! (You had to be there) I was told the horses can be bred for this racing. I neglected to get a note card and after chatting briefly with a few friends there, I quickly became engaged in the races and once done I left without much information and more questions about how it all works. I entered the stands late but was in time to see a couple of races including the final run where Frolic Mills, CEO of BOSL, debuted his horse, Zodiac, with jockey Jeanette Finchy for a win in their category. The races are categorized and people can place bets. The seating area was impressive and there was a nice crowd including many people I know. I snapped a few quick shots and figured I'd post a bit here as there are regular races that seem like a fun adventure. A sign indicated the next race will be held Saturday at 12 slt. I'm sure I will check this out again. Unfortunately I don't have a SLurl at the moment but can add one later or if interested search Champions racing at Creeds Paradise. (Back on Saturday for some more racing and the link here you go: or direct link here: RacingHere.)
fancy_028 fancy_020
(Jockey, Jeanette Finchy, on Mills' horse, Zodiac-winner!)

fancy_015 fancy_019
(Horse owners Frolic Mills.......................HoneyBear Lilliehook)