Sunday, September 27, 2015

Weekly SL Events Review for SL Live Radio

So, many of your know I'm doing a weekly little voice piece on SL Live radio reviewing events and fun stuff I like around the grid.  You can hear this 2 x during the Slow Bake show with DJ Soni between 12noon SL and 2pm SLT each Sunday.   More info. about her show at the bottom of this page.

Here is what I had to say this week:

Hi Slow Bake fans, It's Kara Trapdoor of Kara's Korner Blogger BlogSpot here again with your weekly, "Happening Things Around the Grid" review.

This past week Windlight Magazine won the 2015 Innovative Media Award for Best Arts and Culture Magazine.  Congratulations to them as well as Whispering Sands Live Promotions who had 103 new bookings for their musicians in Second Life in just 27 days.  That's pretty impressive!

Later today the MadPea annual Celebrity Auction wraps up their weekend of events.  Be sure to hurry over for their final day including the live celebrity auction as well as the silent bid boards.  There are numerous Lindens, Draxtor with his machinima, Bryn Oh, many musicians, and many other people including myself up for auction.  SL Live radio is also involved in this event that is a fundraiser raising money to build schools with Live and Learn in Kenya.  All for a good cause.

Another fun thing to do is visit the Meshavenue SepSTEAMber shopping event for tons of great steampunk type shopping in an amazing sim to explore.  But hurry over as this will close Sept 30th.  Then their October events will be in Hollywood Glam style.

October 1st Halloween Town by Laura Liberty opens and it's always an annual favorite.  October also brings Octoberfests, Halloween haunted houses, hunts and costume parties.

This week we also have a new impressive live music venue opening. Gorgeous Harmony Gardens will have a full lineup of live music at their grand opening October 3rd in the Carolina beach sim.   Nicky Tams Pub  in Lock London Scotland is also very new and They've booked many live musicians for October as well.

October brings a lot of fall sim décor changes and a beautiful artistic and fun sim to explore is High Water.  See info. and direct links at Kara's Korner SL Adventures.

That's all for now.  Enjoy your SL week and now back to DJ Soni with your Slow Bake SL Live radio show.


September 27, 2015, noon to 2PM SLT.
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