Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Art on Roofs, Ziki Questi: Line and Shadow

Visit here:

Well known SL blogger, artist, photographer and RL performance artist, Ziki Questi, is exhibiting at Art on Roofs with her exhibit Line and Shadow. Her exhibit opened 9-19-15 and will run for about two weeks followed by an exhibit by Paola bianchi mills.  The setting for Ziki's 24 large rooftop art pieces that are available for sale as well as viewing, is the roof of the Solo Donna Community which states  it has been in SL since 2007.  Ziki writes it up best herself on her blog here:

You can also find some of Ziki's other social media sites here:
Gallery: 􀁍

Ziki Questi's Exhibit: Art of Roofs

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  1. Kara, thanks very much for visiting the exhibition! —ZQ