Thursday, September 24, 2015

MadPea Celebrity Auction and Events Benefit Begins 9-25-15

MadPea Celb Auction Friday Events List

The MadPea 3 day Celebrity Auction to benefit Live and Learn /Feed A Smile in Kenya, begins Friday 8am SLT 9-25-15.  They have over 62 SL residents for bid and I am one of them.  There will also be a group for live bid auction on Sunday too.  There will be a lot of entertainment through the weekend and Friday's line-up is listed on this image.   See their official blog site for a lot more info. here:  (somewhat near my board in the main stage area)

Go bid or enjoy the sim and entertainment here: All for a good cause!

Kara Trapdoor by jumpman Lane at the MadPea Celeb Auction
(This pic by Jumpman Lane. Taken on opening day of the auction, standing next to my bid board)

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