Saturday, September 19, 2015

MadPea Celebrity Auction Sept 25-27 LIVE AND LEARN IN KENYA INT

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The MadPea productions Celebrity Auction Sept.25 -27th Live and Learn in Kenya/Feed a Smile.

 MadePea on Facebook says:

" This video has been specially made to show the difference YOU can make. This is the ACTUAL school we are supporting, The ACTUAL classroom you can help to finish building! Please - share the hell out of this post!   If you are still wondering if you should take part in the MadPea Celebrity this....1 hour of your time is all we ask and you can see here the difference you will make to these childrens lives FOREVER! If you have a marketable skill in SL of ANY kind you can be part of this...if people know your name you can be part of this. More info at the MadPea Blog "

SL Live Radio will also be on hand to provide entertainment and The Celebrity Auction will take place on the 25-27th September with a weekend full of live music and entertainment and will culminate with a live auction on the 27th September at a specially built area at !Exodus! Rock Club.

OK, everyone come on out to this.  Even I will be up for auction.  What am I offering? Well I don't know exactly but figure whoever wins can figure that out.  Some things I can do would be make a small amateur video/machinima for or with you or show you how, blog and other social media, PR/advertise or even just hanging with the winner doing whatever, go out exploring, taking pics, talk about social medial and PR tips, etc  Some of the others are offering products, music shows, their time in training for a skill, etc. 

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