Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week Review

Kara's Korner Week in review for the SL Live Slow Bake Radio Show with DJ Sonicity Fitzroy from 12 to 2pm SLT each Sunday.   You can hang out with us here:
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Hi everyone it's Kara Trapdoor from Kara's Korner, Second Life Adventures blogger BlogSpot with your weekend "Happening Things Around the Grid Review".

This past week brought us the September release of a couple of great magazines,
Featuring the arts.

windlight sept
And Showtime:

showtime mag
Focusing on dance and theater, both of which can be found online and inworld.

We also learned this week that an SL sweetheart of a singer Terrylynn Melody signed on with Whispering Sands Live Promotions

And we will be seeing more of TerryLynn coming up, including several shows the week and a big one will be Wednesday 12 noon SLT at the Feed A Smile fundraiser event.

We also congratulate one of SL's most loved musicians AMForte Clarity with her huge first life win over at Artist Signal a web site where fans can vote for their favorite musicians, landing them some first life cash and support.  She graciously thanked her huge SL fan base with this win, and management, again with Whispering Sands Live Promotions. You can continue to vote for your fav SL musicians here:

AM Winner!
I popped into Black Eagle Club where DJ John spins some tunes each Thursday night from 4-6 pm SLT and had a lot of fun there.

Yesterday we were treated to a rare event over at Bryn Oh's highly popular build, Lobby Cam at Immersiva for a party in the wheat field with specially selected song play list that can be seen in it's entirety on Bryn Oh's impressive blog.
I Blogged here:
And I previously blogged Lobby Cam here:

Today marks the last day of the Firestorm Viewer's 5th anniversary weekend party events so check out their web site.

Sept 12th at 2pm SLT is the Windlight Gallery opening featuring live performer Caasi Ansar and 12 artists.

September 2015 Exhibition Opening Poster Also this month featured artist at The Dirty Grind, a live music and arts venue I love, is Maghda.

Visual Artist Series Opening for Maghda 5 September
If you are looking for fun things to see and do in SL check out the SL Destination Guide:
The SL events calendar:
and the Facebook SL events group:

And don't forget the Arcade Gacha is now open again.

These are just a few of the many "Happening Things" around the grid, and for more info. and links go to Kara's Korner, Second Life Adventures, online BlogSpot.

And now back to DJ Soni with your Sunday afternoon Slowbake SL Radio Show, featuring SL performers.  Have a great week!

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