Sunday, September 20, 2015

LEA2 The Night Theater Midsummer Mischief

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LEA2 The Night Theater
I luckily received a notice and caught Midsummer Mischief at LEA2 just before it started.  The Night Theater will run it again today at 12noon and then will present a cake themed show Friday and probably yet another show Saturday in the church and then Once Upon a Saturday.  The gorgeous fall sim theme will be around until the end of September then it will change up to a darker feel for Halloween in October.  The show Saturday featured fantasy creatures and the sim is a beautiful explore.  Everyone is welcome to explore any time.    I totally loved the costumes and  setting.  Be sure to explore this area and try to catch a show.

Midsummer Poster LEA 2015
Showorder Midsummer Mischief LEA 2015

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