Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NeoVictoria 5th Anniversary Week of Special Events: Bewitched Carnival Tonight

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This week promises some extra good fun over at Neovictoria, a steampunk role play sim.  I was told by owner Asil Ares: " This month, Neo is five years old!  We're doing a week of RP to celebrate and tonight we have a carnival freak show.  Please come and do some roleplay with us.  Event starts at 6 PM and is IC.  Location is the circus area; take the teleporter to the Apothecary. Details are below....Hugs, Asil
RP: Bewitched Carnival: First Night ~
Time: Wed, 6 PM, SL-time ~
Location: Circus [NeoVictoria SIM] ~
The NeoLondoners, and any out-of-town visitors, gather in the town's marketplace to enjoy an evening of entertainments, performed by the zombie members of the Bewitched Carnival. ~ "

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