Thursday, September 17, 2015

Love Henry LEA8

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Mfriend, Corey Segall, a fellow Flickr fan and great photographer, IM'd me and asked if I'd seen Tahiti Rae’s LEA8 Love Henry yet.  I had been over there for a Photohunt a few weeks prior but since I had crashed and was cooking and stuff at the same time decided it deserved a thorough explore, since it was super cool.  I tp'd over and we both donned the free period garb provided in the sim to explore.  He was a wealth of information about King Henry VII and Anne Boleyn and while the sim was very informative it was cool to learn from him since it was super late (or rather early) for me/my time and I was sleepy, lazy, and just rather enjoyed him giving me the info. while I relaxed and took a few pics in anticipation of blogging it.  The place has been blogged many times before but it's worth another post especially since it's only going to remain there through the end of the month.  If you haven't seen it be sure to visit.  While there you might enjoy the quest for information in various inspiring locations, learn some history, enjoy the beautiful builds and scenery and pose places, and listen to some enchanting music.   I was touched by the tragic love story about Henry and Ann and the debate as to the authenticity of a letter purported to be written by Anna to Henry in her exiled tower. Hurry over as this beautiful sim and build closes the end of the month. 

Love Henry collage 1.jpg LoveHenry college 2.jpg

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