Thursday, September 3, 2015

Why, why, why, why???

Dear Facebook…. (I use the term “dear” loosely at this point)  ~Sob~   WHhyyyyy?  I prepared, and have since trashed  a long drawn out rant and I feel a tad better having just typed it all out in gross detail as I am apt to do,  but realized it’s all been said and done before, many times over.   Big brother can certainly discern who the person behind the av is if they so desire, so I know that can’t be the real issue here. No one really needs a copy of my driver’s license, birth certificate, shopping list, blood sample, and first born.  No, I do not carry the mark of the beast but if you plan on giving me one in order to keep track, I’ll take a pass.   Compilation of data for marketing, tracking, and keeping tabs on the entire world can’t be that difficult really.  Please take a page from brother Google.   I simply now propose Facebook allow for an avatar alternative accounts as long as it’s clearly stated to be just that, so there is no confusion for the poor real/first life people who can’t  seem to tell the difference and feel they are being deceived and  violated against when in reality it’s the real life identity stealers and fakers that are the real problem here.  I don’t care if FB slaps a few of their advertisements on my avatar page as long as it’s not excessive because avatars do have consumers behind them.  So feel free. I know you’ve done just that before to my avatar account using me to reach my thousands of friends without so much as a thank you to me for the use of me getting your word out for free for you.  I don’t mind, really.   Just let me have my avatar FB account back…. Pretty please? Sincerely,  yours for real and truly, not just pretend, Kara Trapdoor


  1. I think we're all under the impression that a internet billionaire is going to be a liberally minded person, but Zuckerberg is no such thing. I am sorry for your pain. Dealing with the Irrational aspects of life is not easily dismissed.

  2. BOOOOOO they even LOOK at the accounts they bump?? You aren't on FB as a perv or anything...miss your travel news....

  3. That's just it, my account was totally innocent but fun..~sigh~