Saturday, September 26, 2015

High Water, an Excellent Artsy Explore

Great Weekend Explore coming right up!

 High Water, visit here:

I've been hanging out in this sim for a week or so now, and continue to find little things I missed on prior visitis because it's loaded with stuff I love.  I met the sim owner, Morton Funk, who said it's been there for a few months but just starting to pick up in traffic.  I suggested he recommend it to the SL Destination guide as it's very worthy of editor's picks in my opinion.  At first glance it appears to be a water sim filled with various fall trees with some fantasy/art foliage mixed in and various artsy seating, poses, cuddles spots with a variety of vignettes of various type.  There are Flickr pictures enlarged and in the water, dance mats and a glass dance floor in the sky, horses you can ride or watch gallop across the sim, a glass house that is pretty cool with a bed that has many options for being in a glass house in a public sim, just saying.  Oh, and the sim is rated Moderate.   The owner didn't put a lot in the sim description, simply, "not another art collection" and his profile is not overflowing so I was expecting little reaction to my greeting or at least a man of few words, but he was very friendly, agreeable to my taking his picture and blogging the sim, and indicated he'd leave the sim up for the public /visitors to enjoy for a while.  So head on over and take some close looks.. the longer I stay the more I see and have simply become enchanted by it all. 

High Water High Water, chatting with Corey Segall High Water High Water with Mortin Funk, owner

(sim owner and myself above)

High Water High Water High Water High Water

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