Thursday, September 10, 2015

Requiem: A 9-11 Memorial

Ok, I'm very disappointed I missed this as the sim was full by the time I tried to get in.  But I heard from 3 reliable separate male sources they had tears in their eyes and felt there couldn't be a dry eye in the place, which says a lot for a SL event.   I did go by after the show and looked at the art and information and got a program which is really in full book format so you can get an idea from that what it was all about if interested. Also there is still art and information and teleport to a memorial here:

9-11 memorial in SL

I found this info. on Facebook in case you missed it too, so we can watch for the video at least.
"This is the SLURL for the event :
(See below for live streaming instructions.)
Requiem: An artistic remembrance of the victims, the survivors and the aftermath of 9/11
A TerpsiCorps ArtWerks Production
Thursday, September 10th 7:00 PM SLT...
TerpsiCorps ArtWerks is:
CEO - Cassie Parker
Artistic Director - Chrissy Rhiano
Assistant Production Manager - Cordie (cordelia.cerise)
Performers - ℒιℒ (lilangels)
Lotta Difference
Zahra Ethaniel
Deb Heron
Gloriana Maertens
яeđ Qυєeи (queenie.acacia)
Nicole X
Gumbo Productions / Boite Carre' inc.
PetLove / Filming / Streaming

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