Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Avi Choice Awards 2016

Today I attended the Avi Choice awards 2016 final including lifetime awards.  I was honored and please to be a nominee for blogging and am glad to see kudos going out to some of the people who help make this SL go round.  I always appreciate those who help make my SL more enjoyable in a variety of ways through their hard work.

There were a lot of high profile attendees and performers including AleyKat, Luciano Lionheart  (they sang separately and in a touching duet at the end) Savannah Rain, and Christopher Quan. I enjoyed seeing and hearing Persia Bravin announce the fashion section along with other announcers.

I sat with friends Kathy Nikolaidis and Cash Benelli.  Kathy and I posed it up for the paparazzi prior to the show.  There were approx. 80 people on the sims in attendance and another 50 in the next associated viewer sim, so it was a little hard for some to stay stable, but I was able to get some decent photos though. I really enjoyed the shows and pretty sets.

The Avi Choice official web sites will list the winners so I'll direct you there for the nominees and winner lists.  They said they had over 8,000 hits on their web site this year, 98 categories and about a quarter of a million votes,  You can find it, the winners, and other info. here:

At the end of the show they said they have a policy of never saying the best, but rather, the favorite based on the votes, but they broke that when they announced the best producer and director for the Avi Choice awards which went to Nikki Matheson.  Then 3 hours later we were joined by the listening sim attendees in the lobby for the after party with dancing and music and grabbing our swag bags full of free goodies.

Avi Choice Awards 2016 Avi Choice Awards 2016 Avi Choice Awards 2016 Avi Choice Awards 2016 Avi Choice Awards 2016 Avi Choice Awards 2016 Avi Choice Awards 2016 Avi Choice Awards 2016 Avi Choice Awards 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Arcade Gacha is Now Open

Visit The Arcade Gacha Gallery here:

The Arcade Gacha web site, great for planning shopping lists by clicking on the shop tab here:

It's that time of year again for the December round of the highly popular quarterly Arcade Gacha. I usually don't get in early and wait a week or two because their main sim, their overspill shopping galley boat, and the nearby sims tend to fill early, but I used a "get me in hud" found on marketplace that repeatedly tries to tp an avatar and after close to 900 attempts I was in!! Of course Gacha Queen Kathy was there as well so we traded a few items and there are some nice hairs in various colors and monogrammed stockings etc that are nice to trade for the ones you want.  Or, save to give out for Christmas gifts!

My plan was to get the baby and get out, but as a bonafide impulse shopper I ended up with a little of everything and broke the bank.  I did get my baby early on though.  I'm referring to the Black Bantom baby that comes with and without wings in 5 different skin tones along with other gacha options.  For more info. see their image here:

When visiting be sure to pick up all the free gifts under the huge Christmas tree in the middle of the arcade. This round will remain open through December 31st.

arcade gacha_004 arcade gacha_001 Arcade Gacha It IS cute!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Calas Galahdon's A Christmas Poem Opens December 1.

Visit Calas Galahdon's A Christmas Poem here:

A Christmas Poem opens to the general public December 1st and will remain open for the month of December.

Their web site is here:

Calas Galahdon's A Christmas Poem

Here we go again, it's time for Ty Tenk and Truck's annual Christmas sim.  This is a sim new and experienced avatars won't want to miss for Christmas, especially if you enjoy a peaceful experience by yourself or with a close friend, including skating, hot air balloon ride, sleigh ride, dancing, completely amazing scenery and overall experience. This year includes some favorites from last year such as the classic Christmas pavilion etc, but they've added a super cool magical cave entrance.  This is a must see sim.  Huge thanks to them for continuing to make their Christmas sims for our enjoyment. My friend Cash and I checked it out and he and I took the pictures shown here. More pics in my Flickr as linked directly by clicking these images or their official Flickr group here:

Calas Galahdon's A Christmas Poem Calas Galahdon's A Christmas Poem Calas Galahdon's A Christmas Poem Calas Galahdon's A Christmas Poem Calas Galahdon's A Christmas Poem Calas Galahdon's A Christmas Poem calas by cash Calas Galahdon's A Christmas Poem

Saturday, November 26, 2016

FlyGearZ and Whymsee

Visit FlyGearZ here:


I received some group notice of a FlyGearZ dance duel of the huds event, so curiosity got the better of me and I popped over. I was pleasantly surprised to find a HUGE steampunk airship, Alice, filled with a bunch of ppl, mostly decked out in steampunk gear, on the cog dance spots.  After instructions and introductions we danced with the dance leaders Ki, Kiran Sporg and Jenna Dirval who led from the front stage.  The location was the FlyGearZ steampunk airship complete with many moving giant cogs and clock tower.  The event was the duel of the dance huds with full audience participation.  I grabbed some pics to show here, then cammed a little to also get a shot of WhymseeDancer Metaharper the dance bot that caches dances.  The sim is home to Whymsee and FlyGearz events and apparently various other explore areas to cuddle, play and experience according to the sim info.

The group states:
"FlyGearZ: What is FlyGearz? First and foremost, we are a group of like minded, carefree dance oriented, party peeps! What kinda of party peeps, you ask? Think of your self as a passenger on board the magical Danceship "Alice" where your in-flight entertainment is YOU; dancing like crazy!We promise the crew will take good care of you! As with any flight, seating is limited to 50 or so  prime "seats.""

Jenna gave me a some extra info. when I asked such as
-- the Facebook Whymsee link here: and FlyGearZ here:
-- frequency of events: Whymsee 3 weeks out of the momth  and FlyGearZ 1 time a month.
--owner name: Cordie, Cordelia.cerise whose been doing this for years, although Jenna more recently has been helping with PR and Whymsee and FlyGearZ  and FlyGearZ duel of the dance huds
-- and more of the event info. like the Whymsee theme and set is different every week with a big show once a month with big show set changes but the FlyGearZ stays steampunk and the airship stays in the air all the time.

FlyGearZ FlyGearZ FlyGearZ FlyGearZ FlyGearZ FlyGearZ

Friday, November 25, 2016

BoDa Blues Grand Opening Nov 26th


Visit BoDa here:

This brand new blues club looks awesome and the grand opening is Sat Nov 26th.  I grabbed a pic before it's open.  The owner is Dante Peak and you might also know his partner LilBo Peak who is very involved in the live music scene.  Let's support this great couple in their new venture and have some fun!

BoDa Blues

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Monochrome, LEA21 by Giovanna Cerise

Visit Monochrome, at LEA21 by Giovanna Cerise until the end of December here:

Black, white, and red... explore the colors. This LEA sim has been blogged and talked about a lot by some great writers and while it's been open for quite a while I wanted to get it on my blog too.  If you haven't already seen it, hurry over before the end of the year when LEA changes over.  Anyway, it's cool.  :)

Monochrome, LEA21 Monochrome, LEA21 Monochrome, LEA21