Monday, January 16, 2017

LEA4, Spilling Juel Tones, by Suzen Juel

Visit LEA4, Spilling JueL Tones by Suzen Juel  here:

LEA4 hosted a live musicfest Saturday Jan 14th at her LEA4 sim.  This ia one of the Linden Endowment for the Arts full sim land grant areas.  Suzen Juel showcases her art and music and an immersive fantasy environment for us to enjoy. The sim info states, "Linden Endowment for the Arts
Dec 1- Feb 28th ... Spilling JueL Tones
-you are encouraged to explore all parts of sim-
JAN 14th 2017 - 10 hour Live Musicfest
Mixed Reality Art Install. Music. Live Music. Creative discussions. Songwriting. Eye Candy."
There are plenty of sitting/pose places within this build and I had to visit a couple of times before I was satisfied I had seen most of the many interesting details.

Suzen is a singer/songwriter who you can find all over the grid besides this LEA build.  Check out her web site here:

And now a few pictures.. and if you want to see more before visiting just click on one of these pics to go to my Flickr where there are a bunch more.  Happy exploring.

LEA4 Silling Juel Tones LEA4 Silling Juel Tones LEA4 Silling Juel Tones LEA4 Silling Juel Tones LEA4 Silling Juel Tones LEA4 Silling Juel Tones

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cica Ghost's Burning Opened Today

Visit Cica Ghost's Burning here:

Cica has a new sim, "Burning" that opened today, that's pretty cool, or I mean, hot.  I always love her stuff, and this is no exception.  The sim info. simply states, "Time is the fire in which we burn.
Dr. Soron"

Some helpful hints, turn up sounds to hear the hot fire crackling and bell, click around as there are fun pose spots, visit the store and tip Cica on that landing area, and meander through this scorched ruins of a small Cica style town surrounded by the desolate dry full sim.  Search for small details such as the cat and antennae'd crow. Have fun exploring!

Burning by Cica Ghost_006 Burning by Cica Ghost_020 Burning by Cica Ghost_017 Burning by Cica Ghost_011 Burning by Cica Ghost_003 (more pics on my Flickr if interested)

MadPea Search For Santa

It's not too late for this MADPEA quest.  Check out their web site for more info. and a direct SLurl here:

It runs through the end of January. MADPEA is always awesome so check it out..

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Penumbra Opens Today

Visit Penumbra at  Nordan om Jorden here:

This is a cool exhibit by a couple of my longtime fav SL immersive artists.  I've blogged them and their spaces before and they are well known for their sim and gift avatars in "Delicatessen" and the old Flickr favs.

The sim land reads: " Berg by Nordan Art is showing from January through March 2017 Penumbra by Meilo Minotaur and Capcat Ragu and lacrimioare by Huckleberry Hax. Make sure to visit Gallery M and L'annexe as well, all teleports are in the gallery." Space owned by Katebergdorf and curated by Kate and Tutsy Navaranatha.

Read more at the Bergdorf Reports here:

Here are a few pics.  Be sure to click everything too as you can receive free avatars, the light child, Caterpillar, black moth, and tree.  Be sure to turn up your sounds too and use sim windlight settings.  Then check out Huckleberry Hax's exhibit too by taking the teleporter, which can be found at the landing.

Penumbra Penumbra Penumbra Penumbra Penumbra Penumbra Penumbra Penumbra Penumbra Penumbra

Friday, January 6, 2017

Sansar Creator Preview - Loz Hyde

So looking forward to this.

And here is an awesome interview and a lot more good current info:,33300.html

Link to apply for early entry here:

Performance Fees and Venue Revenues, More on This Longstanding Discussion

There has been a resurgence of debate about the cost of sims/venues for paid or tipped live musicians and how to make reimbursement fair in SL.   Years ago a popular performer suggested a 250L covercharge and live music venues vs/ or in addition to the free will tip/donation to musicians, venue owners, and hots.  This never came close to working out, but lately Facebook has been hot with similar discussions and debate.  Some musicians feel they should be paid more or closer to real life wages as they are providing a service. Others do it strictly for the love of music and enjoy whatever is tipped.  Others attempt to make a living off their efforts and cite equipment and other expense. There are also hosts to pay or tip and management groups.  Venue owners have joined in the discussion as they pay high sim tier plus pay the performers and are never really reimbursed for their expenses and effort.  Of course there are many other factors such as gaining popularity and enhanced SL experience, etc.  And there are now management groups also doing business.  Then you toss in the fact that quality designers can make significant income from their efforts and sales of clothes and products, yet explore or art sim owners pay a significant amount yet again get little or nothing in return for their expense, time and efforts.  There are also many others who contribute to SL in many many ways, some of which are making a lot of income for their efforts and some nothing at all. There are also SL residents who are completely unable to afford to pay for anything but might contribute to the SL experience with a good personality and helping make a crowd happy by their presence and added numbers and comments.  So, while many conversations have taken place I've really only recently heard two possibly viable options to even the playing field at least for musicians and live music venues. One was musicians play a venue w/out a tip jar taking only what the venue pays them and all tips then go to the venue and the other is a relatively low cover charge but no additional tipping expected for a specific group of top venues who generally draw crowds while the rest continue as is.  I have no idea how each would work out.  But I am copying a Facebook link, a management group statement for review and consideration, and a poll that is going on asking residents to respond with their thoughts about a few things with only 8 simple quick multiple choice selections.  Please take the time to take this poll.  Thanks

Here is the quick poll

Here is a management group statement for consideration on the subject:

Here is a performer's ideas and reader comments:

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Winter Wonderland, Linden Lab's Winter Sim Open Now and Annual Community Snowball Fight Monday

Visit Linden Lab's Winter Wonderland open to the general public here:

See Xiola Linden's official Linden Lab blog about Winter Wonderland, the Linden Lab community snowball fight, premium half off special and premium Portal Park here:

Linden Lab's Portal Park and Winter Wonderland 2016

I started out in the brand new LL Portal Park which was a very cool entryway into the LL premium member special areas around the grid (see pics below) then entered the annual Winter Wonderland area that is now open to the general public.  (The direct link above is to the Winter Wonderland area open to all residents)

This year's Winter Wonderland has many of the same features as last year but with added features, and includes the huge play area with tracks for skiing, snowboarding, (free loaner boards, snowmobiles, skates and supplies available for use on site)  skating, a ferris wheel, etc.  The Snowball Arena and snow track area is bisected by the quaint City of Lights that houses a gift for visitors and is a perfect segue between the two areas.  Paths lead to the snowball arena that is home to the giant ice castle and frozen magical light changing tundra where visitors can explore, enjoy fireworks at the top of each hour, free snowball shooters, and a monster that rises from the depths of the ice pond at seemingly random time frames for only just a moment before diving back to it's icy home.

When visiting the snowball arena chose your free weapon to lug around while exploring as you can nail your friends, strangers or enemies around any corner possibly briefly shooting them sky high if your aim is true.  Watch out for avalanches, fellow players, and some ground areas that seem to want to bounce a person around for no apparent reason.  This is truly and beautiful and magical area.

The big event comes this Monday, 12-19-16 at 10am SLT.  The Lindens are hosting a snowball crawl this year for residents to join them.  (Alas, I will be at work as usual during this time frame so enjoy this without me) You can read about the details here:  The tour will visit some of SL's finest winter sims culminating at the WW snowball arena for the annual LL community snowball fight between noon and 2pm SLT.  So if you ever wanted to hobnob with some Lindens, here is your chance.  There are also gifts and freebies around (including a Blueberry special ladies) and even more gifts for premium members so be sure to check out her blog posts for more info.
  Linden Lab's Portal Park and Winter Wonderland 2016Linden Lab's Portal Park and Winter Wonderland 2016-fireworks Linden Lab's Portal Park and Winter Wonderland 2016-the monster
(Portal Park below)
  Linden Lab's Portal Park and Winter Wonderland 2016-Portal ParkLinden Lab's Portal Park and Winter Wonderland 2016=Portal Park entry to WW