Monday, December 11, 2017

Paying it Forward Event

Visit Paying It Forward event here:

The Paying it Forward event opened December 10th and is loaded with a lot of great group gifts including this Just Because quality and well fitting sweater dress that I LOVE.. and it was totally FREE!.  I did actually buy their beautiful necklace too but couldn't put it on while at the event while I'm blogging this so will wear that later. Lots of freebie gifts all around.. just join the group and pick them up.. great shopping all around too.

Here is the event info;

"Paying it Forward Event Owner

December 10th through December 25 2017

«'Paying it forward' is when someone does a good deed for you, and instead of paying them back, you pay it forward by doing a good deed for someone else.

With Christmas coming, we thought it would be the perfect time of year to spread the love and spoil our second life friends and family with an event that focuses on generosity. The purpose is to make each item (No Copy / Transfer) with the intention of being bought and kept, or given away as a gift. (No Gacha allowed)

Onwer : AliciaWikstrom Resident
Manager : Kordelya Galewind"

Paying It Forward Event  - Just Because group gift

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Luanes Magical World

Visit Luanes Magical World  by Luanemeo here:

The sim info. states:
"Feel the magic all around. Explore every little corner to see all the secret romantic and magical spots, fairytale, dance, cave, winter, romance"

Now decorated for winter.  I've blogged this wonderful place before and it truly does feel magical.  Great for photos, exploring and hanging out with friends as there are many great pose spots and things to do such as horseback riding or skating in the magical scenery.

Luanes Luanes Luanes Luanes Luanes Luanes Luanes Luanes

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Town 2017

Visit Christmas Town Here:

Laura Liberty's annual Christmas Town is now open.  This is one of my all time annual fav Christmas sims.  There is a fantastic immersive skate through time /Christmas movies, a underground sledding tour, skating, shopping, fantastic scenery, cute hang out places and more.  This is a must see sim that is changed up a little each year and well worth multiple visits with friends or alone even. One major tip for first timers, when you enter the ice castle, be SURE to get on the skating pose balls out front and do not walk it, as you loves the majority of the special effects.  Also accept the drop down for the sounds when you first enter.  It's very immersive and does have some super cool effects if you simply get on the skating balls and following the initial brief instructions.  This is a sim I will go back to many times each Christmas and have already been there with numerous friends several times since it opened a few days ago.   Well worth it. Be sure to shop the cute stores with great products too so Laura is motivated to bring this back every year.  She often adds new parts to the sim and I love the new forest this year.  5 stars, highly recommend!!

Christmas Town Christmas Town Christmas Town Christmas Town Christmas town 2017_009 Christmas Town Christmas Town Christmas Town

Seven Seasons Christmas 2017

Visit Christmas 2017 presented by Seven Seasons here:

I went for the music and stayed for the fun.  AleyKat put together this great sim and I tp'd over to hear Toxie sing.. which was a great show as always, then I started to cam around and just wow!  I'm truly impressed.  The winter holiday sim is comprised of various scenic vignettes, mostly all immersive with many pose and animation spots.  There is also the standard ice skating, skiing with a cool lift ride, sledding and more.  But the best part really is the scenery for hanging out and photography and there is a photography contest in Flickr.  Don't miss this gorgeous and fun sim!

Seven Seasons Seven Seasons Seven Seasons Seven Seasons Seven Seasons Seven Seasons Seven Seasons

Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas Shopping in Second Life, Events, Hunts, and Holiday Specials

It's the beginning of the month and time for the monthly shopping events and some special holiday events, and this month is even more special with Christmas shopping, decor, gifts, etc in mind.

I've been visiting a few of my fav events lately and listed some links for easy access here.

Visit FaMESHed here:

Visit The Arcade Gacha here (be sure to grab the freebies in the presents under the tree) here:
The Arcade Gacha Official Web site here:
and under their Facts/QA section you can find a 2nd overflow SLURL.

Arcade Gacha Dec 2017

The 7th Annual Christmas Expo 2 sims benefiting Relay for Life here:

Winter Showcase and Winter Art Show through Dec. 10th by Team Diabetes here:

Visit Uber here:

Be sure to check out a bunch of other great events at the Seraphim web site here:

If you are on a budget, many popular places have advent calendars with a quality freebie for each day of the month.  There are also a lot of Holidays hunts going on and a good place to stat is at Hunts SL here:

-Premium accounts have extra slots to get into events, so if they are full for a non-premium avatar there are a few extra slots premium avatars can still get in on.  This helps me a lot.
-Most of the events have shopping lists you can view online to be prepared when you go and just pick up what you want vs wasting time trying to load and see everything.  I like to use the Firestorm area search feature once in an event to search for what I want and pick it up quick so i can get out and others can get in.
-Take off huds and heavy scripted objects, hair, etc that will weigh you and others down and make texture load time longer and lag worse.
-Take advantage of overflow sims to shop if it's full.

 Arcade Gacha Arcade Gacha 2017 Arcade Gacha Dec 2017 FaMESHed FaMESHed Dec 2017 FaMESHed Dec 2017

Christmas at Patron

Enjoy being a patron of Patron this holiday season!

It's time to get the holiday decorations out of storage and it's always fun to buy a ton of new things both RL and SL.  My fav overall SL shopping for Christmas home decor is Patron by Eliza Wierwight.

Visit Patron here:

She says it best and her info. states:
"Well, we're on our way, it's no secret that  I love creating for the Season. There's a massive section at Patron for your consideration with more added almost daily. I've striven to get the foundation pieces out for people like me that just love to go there in November.

The inspiration for this year's collection is inspired by jewel tones and Tahitian pearls. Think Sapphire, Aquamarine, Garnet, Rhodolite, Ruby, Pink Diamond, Amethyst and Amber. I've also designed a Couture Tree, somewhere between a sculpture and a tree, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the pursuit, perhaps it's evident when viewed. Note, this is not a wearable, drape yourself in front of it, if you can't resist  :P

Another whimsy, my stained glass reindeer resonate warmth. Inexpensive and a brilliant way to playfully extend magnificent bursts almost sunlight into environments, you'll see.

I've switched up to an alternative bow feature on one series of garlands this year,  Black Caviar  and rich cream. They're a little more reserved though hold their own allure to me personally. In conjunction with these I've introduced a Tahitian pearl & Black Caviar tree, unexpected, though for me personally, it's pure elegance.

As I mentioned, a lot more to come, and frequently.

With great affection.

I blog Patron almost every Christmas and some other times because the quality and detail of the products are just gorgeous.  It's a great place to window shop too if you are broke, but I bet you don't walk away empty handed.  The place is filled with realistic and artistic home decor, landscaping, homes, art and the Christmas area is beautiful to see.  The artist in Eliza really shines through her products.  Check it out and enjoy.

Patron 2017
This next middle pic is a new product by Eliza and she took the pic.

  Patron 2017

 And finally I took a pic of the full sim area of awesome products. There are many other things around the area too.. Patron 2017 Christmas

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Home for Christmas at Calas Galadhon's 2017 Christmas Sim

Visit Home for Christmas here:

Official Calas Galadhon web page:

The sim info. states: "CALAS GALADHON'S 2017 Christmas build. Two sims of winter splendor as only 'CALAS' can bring you in Second Life. Our gift to you. Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith, Calas Galadhon Park sims"

The Calas Galadhon's annual Christmas sim "Home for Christmas" is now open for exploring and fun.   This year as usual, there is a lot to enjoy such as skiing, skating, hot air balloon rides, rideable reindeer (bento and super cool), dancing, posing for pics, freebies, plenty of exploring and beautiful scenery. This annual holiday sim is absolutely gorgeous.  They will have scheduled events so follow the group inworld or watch their blog.

Calas Galahdon, Home for Christmas Calas Galahdon, Home for Christmas Calas Galahdon, Home for Christmas Calas Galahdon, Home for Christmas