Friday, October 9, 2015

Black and White Challenge

The Facebook 5 Day BW Challenge I was tagged on Facebook for the 5 B/W pics in 5 days by my friend Kathy Nikolaidis. This challenge has been going on a while and it finally caught up with me so now that I'm done I've collaged them. The locations/props info. here if anyone is interested:

  -Large left pic: taken in
unedited using using photo-tools BW light settings

-Top left smaller pic sim Ironwood Hills:
Plague Dr mask: ::*The Doctor*;; By L'Emporio :
lingerie: Shade, Bitten on Marketplace here:
Trenchcoat: Paff, Emma on Marketplace here:

-2nd small pic on top: Taken in the beautiful sim: Sommergewitter:

-Bottom Left small pic: Taken in beautiful Elysion sim (sadly it was a temp build in the sim but the sim is great:

-Bottom Right pic:
Headdress: Aisling, Calyiso here:
scales: Aisling scales bra
Pendant: .Shi, Evra here:

Thursday, October 8, 2015

MadPea's Peatonville Asylum Opens Thursday for Gold Key Owners and Friday 10-9-15 for Everyone

Well, actually it opened Wed to gold key holders and then Thursday approx. noon SLT for everyone else.  So I had my gold key and got in late because I do work full time RL and missed my grand opening event for gold key holders which annoyed me quite a bit because I am sick of working right now for some reason, maybe because I've been doing it forever.. but anyway FINALLY around 8pm I hooked up with a MadPea admin. who gave me my goodies, as in hud, outfit, camera and various things we get, gave me a little info. and off I went.  Now, I do not want to be a spoiler because they work so hard to keep us all in suspense and I sort of like that.. .. (so spoiler alert here!), but I could not help myself from taking some pictures and will only post one that doesn't show much here.  I have plenty more for later. I do want to say, I highly recommend this event.  It's challenging and I didn't take the wimp option which is actually available this time.  The Asylum is HUGE with some tricky places along the way.  Check out their web site for all the info. and the SLurl to head on in on Thursday and be sure to read up on how to use the hud and things... like I said, it's a bit challenging, but then again, I guess MadPea fans have an idea of how to hunt and explore.

MadPea Peatonville Asylum sneak peek

Ok, it's now Friday morning before work and soon you all will be traveling to the island to see for yourself, so I decided to add a few more not so revealing photos as a teaser (note: I turned up the lights for the pics below, but do use their lighting as it really adds to the environment) MadPea Peatonville MadPea Peatonville MadPea Peatonville MadPea Peatonville MadPea Peatonville

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

SL's Got Talent Contest Auditions Begin Thursday 10-8-15

presented by Bluebyrd Entertainment

Audition location here:

This fun annual event provides great entertainment as well as a  platform for potential and existing live performers to boost their SL musical career. 

For more information, please visit the official SLGT Contest website:

Thanks to my friends over at Whispering Sands Live Promotions for this hot tip about another fun SL event. They happen to be sponsors so this shout out goes to them,  and their web site can be viewed here:

Ok people get out your talent and game on!

2015 SLGT Audition Poster (i didnt' make this image/using it for my blog)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Grease by Spotlight Productions

Grease Poster
Visit the Dance Queens web site here:

Showtime Online Magazine did a nice review here:

Ok everyone get out your $300L and visit the profile if In2Udeep.Luv for the Grease groups.  I recommend getting into one of the remaining Grease groups which then becomes your entry fee and notice with landmark for the show/group you've selected.  Personally I'd love all my friends to go next Tuesday the 13th for the 7pm SLT show, as that's when I'm going back to see it again.  But if you can't make that, pick any Tuesday until Thanksgiving with an additional Sunday show.

Tonight I hit the opening night of Grease presented by Spotlight Productions.  The audience all grasped the idea and came decked out in Grease 50's style outfits from poodle skirts, to greaser boys and girls, to skater wait staff etc. 

You might ask yourself why I'm recommending this particular dance show that even charges an entry fee when there are so many free dance shows in SL.  Well, I'll tell you:
 1. I love the show and dances and songs from Grease and this show has amazing choreography.  This is a great job by SL's  Top Choreographers  BabyP VonPhoinx, Gunner VonPhonix, Jill Mackenzie, and In2udeep luv who collaborated to bring this exciting new interactive show that will run weekly on Tuesdays  through Thanksgiving. 
2.  I love the Grease music score and they played and danced to the most popular,  from Summer Loving, to hand jive, to We go together, and more.
3. The audience participation and scenery changed and we also got "danced" as we were all sitting on movers we stayed on throughout the show.  We started in diner seats, then they were whisked away magically later when we danced through the scenes.

There are  2 main stages  and they also made good use of the floor area in front of the stages.  The main scene changes were from diner to gym dance, to outside the carnival and of course there is the big carnival grand finale!  I hope to see my friends there next Tuesday.

The mian case and crew that I noted consisted of:
Babypea played Rizzo,
Devy played  Marty
Kellan played Frenchy
Arinarose Swords played Sandra Dee
In2Udeep.Luv played Danny
Gunner played Kenickie
Bran Lobo played Sonny
MaxPower Godric was our Dj for the night

Their website says:

Grease collage 1.jpg
Grease collage 3.jpg
Grease college 2.jpg

Their official press release states: " ★ ★ ★ GREASE ★ ★ ★
brought to you by


Come check out some of the newest ideas in Dance.
When you join us at the theater, you wont just be watching,  you will be
part of the show. 

★ ★ Please be sure to dress up in 1950's attire. ★ ★

In the true fashion of theatrical plays this performance runs seamlessly
from scene to scene as we all preform a wonderful rendition of GREASE.
Some of SL's Top Choreographers, BabyP VonPhoinx, Gunner VonPhonix, Kellan (Kelika Dubrovna) and
In2Udeep Luv have collaborated to bring this exciting new interactive show.
We all hope to see you there.
( the show will run weekly at 7 pm slt,  with the exception of opening night, Tuesday October 6, 2015;

 when we will add an additional show at 5 pm slt.  ( so 2 shows on Oct. 6, 2015 5 pm and 7 pm.)

 You can join the following Groups for the day(s) you wish to  attend the show
 [each show has it's own group]

 Pick the show you wish to attend. Copy/paste the group joiner key into local chat inworld and hit enter.
 Click on the link that pops up in local chat and join that group.
 You must be a member of that particular group to enter the sim on show night. Seating is very limited so please do not delay.
Tickets are L$ 500 for opening night, and L$ 300 for other nights. You pay for the ticket when you join the group... group membership is your ticket.

 **** please note  when a group nears the maximum number of guests  we can accommodate,

the group will be closed, and you will need to contact In2Udeep Luv or Jill Mackenzie to be added.






If you need  more information please contact  In2Udeep Luv,  or  Jill Mackenzie.
Seating is limited to 32 guests per show.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Portrait of a Virtual Art Collector Josef K

Here is a video on Josef K.  Around the same time I was interviewing him for an article just released in the October issue of Windlight Magazine.  He has a pretty comprehensive collection of works by some of SL's best artists.  He's very talented in his own right, is an instructor, artist, has a book, song,  and is currently working on some other cool things soon to come.   : )

Be sure to check out The Windlight Magazine.  Here's what they say about the mag. "The featured story for this issue will be Kaya Angel, as Windlight explores architectural arts. This issue also features stories on novelist Huckleberry Hax, Nonprofit Commons Community Manager, Rhiannon, the upcoming Burn 2 event in Second Life, Tripp Nitely, and we take a look at Charity in Second Life. On the art scene we explore the adult and sensual Alanis Gallery and the Josef K Galleria. And if you love hats, we have a sneak peak at Art in Hats 2015. Special thanks to Kaya Angel for the cover photograph for the upcoming issue."

Friday, October 2, 2015

Featuring Toxic Darkmatter

I'm finally getting this little sample bit of a video up here.  Toxic Darkmatter is one of my fav SL singers.  She not only sings with that smooth sexy voice,  but she is a great entertainer too.  She sings a variety of genre from current dance hits, to 70s and 80s tunes to several parodies, some a capella, and some originals.

She is managed by Whispering Sands Live Promotions who btw just put my blog on their news feed banner.  If you check out their web site you can see Toxi's schedule, bio, etc  as well as info. on all their other musicians, how to book them, rates, and use their social interaction login too.  They are super organized and book something like 85 shows a week.  Check that out here:

I've taken a few pics at some of her shows because she and her attendees always seem to get into some extra fun. She has her stakers with big bushes, the hot Toxie for the Hot Child in the City, pole dancers at the VooDoo Lounge, and more crazy stuff all the time.

Here's what some have to say about her, "What started as a bit of a joke with her performer friends, turned into a new outlet for her "musical therapy." With a collection of music that's a blend of classic to contemporary, sweet to naughty, Toxie has a rich, sultry voice that can shift gears and really soar. Enjoy jazz? Blues? Rock? A little pop maybe? Check out her song list and bring your requests, be ready to sing along, and let Toxie show you just how much she loves the music she shares."

Toxie is managed by Jorrdan Jarman if you want more info.  Be sure to check her out around the grid.  She does multiple shows a week.  I guess I've recently joined her stalkers group because I seem to be hitting all her shows.  Check it out!

Toxie Collage

The Photographer's Hunt Begins oct. 1

1st - 31st October 2015

The Photographer's hunt

Click here to get started, see stores included and get hints for each:

 The hunt will feature some of the best pose and furniture makers in SL, some well known brands and some new ones that you may not know about.
All items in the hunt will be related to photography - poses, props, furniture, decor. The Photographers Hunt will be a Grid Wide hunt offering hunters a wide range of items designed exclusively for the hunt.

Images of the gifts and hints will all be published on the hunt blog and on Flickr closer to the date.

Landmarks will not be in the hunt prims - you can join the inworld group 'Stuff My Inventory Hunts' for a landmark notecard or look at the blog, where the slurls will be posted.

Hunt items cost 5L each. (album showing images of the gifts)
Organisers - Evelyn Hartshon & Isabelli Anatine