Monday, September 18, 2017

Split Screen at LEA15 For Everywhere Nowhere and The Games We Play

Visit Split Screen at LEA15 here:

My friend Dividni Shostakovich hosts LEA15 this round and currently has two exhibits there to enjoy through the end of the month.  There is The Games we Play which is like a giant room of chess pieces that are much larger than life size by Krystali Rabeni.  On anther several levels there is Everywhere Nowhere by Jade Yu Fhang. Be sure you click around as you can pose and animate in some place.  I took a few pics of course.

split screen lea15_004 split screen lea15_003 split screen lea15_007 split screen at lea_011 split screen at lea_012

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

AMG Haunted Portraits

AMG Haunted Portraits in Second Life available now on SL Marketplace here:

These super cool pictures have multiple animations, sounds, and various other options.  This video does not do them justice as my poor laptop isn't so great for video any more but you can get the idea.. a must-see in person.  These are made by my friend Will Burns/Aeonix Aeon in Second life.  Halloween is coming!

Jack Slade at Boda Live

Visit Boda Live here:

Find out more about Jack Slade here:
and his FB here:

I caught a great live music set by Jack Slade at the venue Boda Live (which I"ve previously blogged) and was impressed with his fantastic smooth voice and guitar playing.  Be sure to catch him in SL and visit this cool venue too.  He's so great I wanted to get him on my blog and here he is....  

Jack Slade at Boda Live

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fairy Tale by Cica Ghost Now Open

Visit Fairy Tale here:

The opening note says "''Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.''
C.S. Lewis
-Opening- 29th August 2017"

As usual with Cica's builds, this place is a cool visual... and be sure to click on things to pose/move/sit in a few places.  I always love me some Cica Ghost builds. Check it out.

Cica Ghost Fairy Tale Cica Ghost Fairy Tale Cica Ghost Fairy Tale

More on Sansar and Also some Great New Second Life Investments by LL

Visit Sansar Beta here:
I decided to check out Sansar again today for a little while.  It's in beta stage so anyone can visit. There are quite a few interesting places to see and many more in progress now.  In spite of the fact that I do not have a VR headset, I could still move around and enjoy the place.  Graphics and sounds are great.  I can't figure out how to change lighting, click on things to sit or dance or anything like that, I couldn't find any other people to chat with, and my av is NOT so hot.  But that's beta for you.  It's a little hard on my computer too and I could tell it was running hot after a while of exploring.  I took many more photos this time in to share and left my av in them for perspective. If you'd like to see them larger just click on them and it will take you to the pic in Flickr where they are big or you can make them bigger.  Sansar has a lot to offer but it still has a long way to go to live up to my SL experiences. I think it is getting there though, but I might have to invest in a better computer and VR headset at some point.  I won't leave my SL behind though and it looks like LL is still very dedicated to SL too with some upgrades and investments of their own into Second Life so have no fear all you SL die hards.. check out this just in....

 Instability: sansar Instability Sansar Instability 2

 M2D sansara M2D sansara M2D  more

 Garden of Dreams sansar Garden of Dreams

 A Walk Into Sound: sansar a walk into sound 2

 An Evening at the Ballet sansar 8-29-17 bryn oh an evening at the ballet

 (I cant remember the name of this place but it was cool) sansar 8-29-17

 Oyo Lounge sansar Oyo Lounge

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Horizons Experience

My friend Will Burns told me about this interesting free quest in SL.  I've been needing to try something different and this fit the bill.  This would be fun with friends, alone, or with an adventurous date. Check out "Horizons" a quest by Linden Labs here:

The sim information states: "Welcome to the Horizons Experience! Take part in a five-part series of quests against the clock to help Megallan to save Tyrah from Dr Talpa's evil clutches and have a chance to win fabulous prizes and rewards!"

This quest to free Tyrah includes 5 areas of difficulties to overcome and complete their directives to move on to the next.  You can play in explore mode or play mode.  I was game to try play mode. So, of course I was killed often and repeatedly.  The 5 areas are:
The Canyons
The Mines
The Dark Forest
The Swamp
The Command Center

The area is adult rated.  It's been around since late last year, so I guess I am not quite on top of things. It was fun to try, but I'll have to go back another day to try to finish, as it's getting late. The explanation/set-up, sounds, visuals, actual quest, story-line etc are all great. If you play the game version there is a hud but it works well and they offer them free in many places throughout the game.  I think this may be the best game LL has put out in SL so far.  I can't speak to the prizes as I have not gotten that far yet. You don't have to be premium to play but I've heard you do have to be a verified account, which if you are not a bot you probably are.  My computer is getting old and has lag and issues often, so it was probably a little more challenging than it should be, however I was able to progress and learn from my mistakes too.

From the pics you can see some of the first 3 sections and that of course I was killed numerous times.. lots or tricky killers around.
Horizons Horizons Horizons Horizons Horizons Horizons Horizons

Saturday, August 26, 2017

DirtyDee Sweetwater and his new Drummer

There is always some great live music going on in SL these days and tonight one of the shows I caught was DirtyDee Sweetwater at Club Peacock which is located here:

He gave a fantastic show.  The Whispering Sands live Promotion group is always fun and owner Jorr (Jorrdan Jarman) hopped up on drums, adding to DirtyDee's show.  I had to snap some pics! : )

For show times/locations and booking check out WSLP site here:
 or on Facebook here:

Dirtydee Sweetwater at Club Peacock with Jorr on Drums Kara Trapdoor Dirtydee Sweetwater at Club Peacock with Jorr on Drums