Saturday, February 6, 2016

Game On! Superbowl Sweatshirts Available Now

Are you ready for some football? Well you can be, by sporting one of these game day shirts that come in various colors for each team along with other sporty game day clothes by Ena Roane "You Play Like A Girl" sold on SL Marketplace here:

Thanks to Kathy Nikolaidis for this game day tip!

Game Day Shirts Game Day Shirt superbowl.jpg

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Calas Galadhon Re-opening Tomorrow

Visit here:

The remodeled Calas Galadhon sims re-open to the general public tomorrow.  Of course it's amazing as always with a new look.  If you are a group member head over today for lag free early entry.  Check out their new Facebook page too:
The blog site is here:

Calas Galadhon Reopening Calas Galadhon Reopening

The City by Betty Tureaud, LEA27

Visit here:

Today was the grand opening of Betty Tureaud's "The City" at LEA27.  This very cool large city build with sculpture, flying planes, and amazing colors is very impressive but be sure to adjust settings to see all the beautiful colors.  You need Medium Ultra High settings with Projector light.  There was a large crowd and I saw up to 75 at one point with Ultraviolet providing music and Betty on hand for a great opening event.  The usage of 4 sims for perspective proves there is art in open spaces, said LEA host LaPiscean Liberty about the sim.  Betty suggested exploring in the city and clicking some houses for links too.  The landing is a airplane teleport and there is a poem provided and meaning for the sim I will let you explore for yourself!   I also found playing with windlights for different effects was very fun.  Check it out at the link above.

The City LEA 27 The City LEA 27 The City LEA 27 The City LEA 27 The City LEA 27 The City LEA 27

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beginners by Cica Ghost

Visit here:

This cool sim by Cica Ghost is now open and again Cica combines creativity and whimsy for a fun and interesting explore.  Somehow I think this one has deeper meaning but I might be too tired to grasp it at this late point in the day and it's fun at face value anyway.    The sim info simply states:   "Every end is a new beginning."  Cica's places often have a little more than meets the eye so look all around and be sure to sit on the roof tops.. which basically just grabbed me.   I saw this today in editor's pics on the SL Destination guide and was a little presently surprised to find yet another new build by Cica.  I blogged her prior not long ago here:  This new one has a similar feel with the building shapes and that giant moving snail with the house on it's back.. yup.. it's very interesting and well worth a visit.

Cica Ghost Beginners Cica Ghost Beginners_002 Cica Ghost Beginners_003 Cica Ghost Beginners_004 Cica Ghost Beginners

Sunday, January 24, 2016

9th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education

Visit the official web site here:


It's almost time for the annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education again which will be held March 9-12, 2016.  Preparations are being made and if you enjoy getting involved each year be sure to head over to their web site for more details.  There are many ways to be involved as it is a huge production.  The call for proposal for presenters is closed but they can always use volunteers.   Exhibitor and machinima proposals, and award nominations are still open for a short time so if interested in that take the link now.   Registration is open and it's free for all to attend.   This annual event held in Second Life also includes information on other platforms and is a great way to learn innovative ways others are using virtual platforms in education both in-world and in first life.  This year's theme is "Horizons".

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Through A Blogger's Eyes

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Hurry over to Art on Roofs as Inara Pey's "Through A Blogger's Eyes" exhibit ends tomorrow.  I've been meaning to blog this and am just getting to it so you have one day left to see some lovely exploration pieces from this prolific blogger at this location. I highly respect Inara, her blog, and photography so wanted to make sure and spread the word.  For more info. and one of the best SL blogs around check out her site here:

I've previously blogged about Art on Roofs when another artistic blogger exhibited there which you can see here: Art on Roofs: Inara Pey

Friday, January 22, 2016

HIgh Water: A Great Place to Explore Again

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Today I noticed blogger Ziki Questi blogged about High Water a sim I really love.  I blogged in previously here:

And you can read Ziki's current post here:

So I stopped back in again and sure enough I ran into sim owner and creator Morton Funk again and had a nice chat with him and snapped a few more pics.  This is a super relaxing and beautiful water based photographic sim that works well with many windlights so check it out some time.  If you visited before you will note Morton has changed it up a little excluding so much of the art of others but is now more of a minimalist nature setting with some new beautiful additions. High Water with Morton Funk High Water with Morton Funk High Water with Morton Funk