Sunday, May 16, 2010

Washes' Art Street Fair: May 15th to May 31st, 2010

Yesterday May 15th was the grand opening event of this art street fair.. THAT I MISSED... thanks to real life and being so caught up in one new sim during the time I did have inworld (which I will cover next). It sounded great so I went today, since the fair does run all month. I regret not see the live music and probably a lot of my Flickr friends who were at the opening day events yesterday, but today was lag free and I took my time browsing. The Fair and events are brought to us by Car Wash and M.T. Gallery,

Some of the artist on display include: Mariella Tammas, Nai, Musique Gable, Senna Coronet, Paolatauber, Del May, Starlash, Ariel Brearly, Fingers Scintilla, Theoretical Afterthough, Lifer, VENK, Morgan Mocha, Monika Finchy, ahlan Bingyi, Zeeva Quintessa, Noir Maelstrom, Scarlet Highfield, Lena Bloch, Skip Staheli, Natalia Gustafson, Lulu Jameson, Kato Salyut, Gianmario Masala, Morgana Nagorski, Aelin Quan, Ocean Blackthorne, Metadored Lonesome, BAZZ, nano Enigma, Ado, Raven, Looker Lumet, Burk Bode, Lisbeth Jummibaum, Di Hoorenbeek, riri Bazar, Medina, Tamzin Xigalia, Mr. Munro, Jeddazen, Domino Bristol, and Six. Well anyway, some of these names may not be exactly right, as I know most of them from Flickr which is not always the same at SL, but you get the point.

This is a very cool place to shop and while I was there for the new art which is set up on crossboard displays in the roads throughout the area, I did also enjoy the regular shops and HAD to visit the old time car wash of course. This is the cutest car wash with music and dances inside the shop and a real SL car wash attached that I drove my own rezzed Mustang through, first getting the soapy bubbles, roller wipes, rinse and then dry. I was tempted when done to peel out with my shiny clean car, but then remembered there were quite a few very impressive art displays in the roads done by my friends and so decided I could release my need for speed on a track later.

It was still early in the morning when I visited, yet I saw some Flickr friends around and I'm sure this will be a hangout for many. Check it out.

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