Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hybrid.. A Sophia Yates Machinima

A fun thing I was lucky enough to participate in a short time ago was the filming of a machinima by Sophia Yates. The video can be seen on Youtube here:
I snapped a few shots while they were filming so of course these pics on my blog focus on me, but Sophia & Edward star in the machinima. This is a story about aliens and I was pleased to get to play both an alien and a woman. The main character is a mix between human and alien. The women had the mix breed children and were sent back home, but this one woman could not forget her child who then revisits her later in life. Watch it for youself and see how the tale unfolds. Sophia features some of the sims I previously blogged (Utopia) for the World Expo. Some of the cute things during the fliming included Sophia's hybrid baby frequently wretching and along with the loud God awful sounds spewed forth disgusting green vomit occasionally. (I really wanted one of those). I think it was Lapiscean, Ataria and I who as aliens had the wood conversation.. and um.. someone had to go to the bathroom and couldn't find toilet paper in the woods which led to a whole conv. about what could be used. Sophia and Edward missed this convo. becuase they were up at the house filming, making their way slowly to us aliens hiding in the woods laying in wait for them. I wonder if they would have fired us extras had they heard us. In the end I even got an alien dance which was kind of different than my normal Kara SL days. It's a cute machinima and was tons of fun to be a part of. Check it out.


  1. What a nice piece Kara I love it. The man who created the music liked it to phew lol. I'm serious we will get to do another one I promise you that. Hybrid will return lol.

    Thanks again!
    Sophia Yates