Saturday, May 8, 2010

Odds N Ends... Saturday things to do

12-2pm SLT-Vaneeesa Blaylock Company /Performance Artists presents VB17 Dark Side of the Moon where 30 avs will make a Plato body formation 3 1/2 kilometers above the Booville sim, freefall, then finish by parachuting in at the Booville skydiving area.

BOSLradio-friend Sonicity Fitzroy DJ: Soni.

1pm SLT- The Avatrait Gallery, Casablanca Estates Two-featuring Adianna Price and Kahlan Bingyi, with music from DJ Javier Dulce.

1pm SLT-FoamDome Party at Zodiac Zodiac. This is a SUPER cool space themed area that I posted a flickr pic on a couple of days ago. Great place to play and explore. Today they will rez the foamdome an hour before the party. Sounds like fun.

3-4pm-SLT-Classical Piano Concerto Azael Glom event area of the MCA. Museum of Contempora Alajuela

4pm SLT-Acousticenergy Nightly at Chain of Love.

4pm SLT-Alice in WonderSLand by Repertory Theater. Runs May 2 through May16th. Not the cutesy Alice you find in movies, but a little girl's dark fears about growing up. Tickets are 500L and can be purchased on xstreet.

6pm SLT-UWA-BOSL Amphitheater grand opening celebration. This is a large 4 sim open air theater with 200 seating capacity. This space was donated to use for non-profit art, education and charity events-free to use by persons willing to organize such events. Schedule includes Jayjay Zifanwe, Patch Thibald, Frolic Mills and concert by Mankind Tracer. UWABOSL.

4-12pm The Cypress Rosewood flood relief benefit concert mentioned below.


And a little someting cool for Sunday Mother's day -6-8pm SLT in NYCShh club, DJ Vixie Durant with Lady Gaga night: LadyGaga.

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