Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rhythm & Time Nightclub... coming soon!

Located in the Chicagoland Club and mall area, this new club was taking staff apps. last night so I popped in and flipped on the camera. DJ JonAri Turbo owns and operates the club and the sim is owned by Shock and Soni. Keep an eye open for this club... it's gonna be great! The main dance floor is huge and you can see all the lights and effects, and there is a upper level lounge type space with games too. I tried to show both areas. I added How Low music by Ludacris becuase I like it, but JonAri plays all types of music.

Ok, actually I made this video becuase I got a brand spanking new doorknob, I mean space navigator from the postman. I hate instructions, but plugged this sucker in last night, ran to this club, flipped on the video, and gave it a go. I can tell I am going to LOVE it once I get control over it, but for the moment it has control over me and I didn't have the patience or time last night to work on learning how to really use it. I am sure there is a tutorial or something that will help me some day or maybe I will just wing it like everything else. In the mean time it flew all over the club without me so I basically just watched then edit out a little video to put up. It's good PR for the club anyway.. well haha I think. The club is cool though, so check it out. R&TSLurlhere.

Untitled from Kara Trapdoor on Vimeo.

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