Saturday, May 29, 2010


A couple of my Second Life friends have a new SL/RL Limited Liability Company, Lowe Runo Productions, LLC, a company currently owned and managed by Lowe Runo and his business partner Sonicity Fitzroy.

Today I was given a tour of their new facility and was impressed at the beauty, functionality, and professionalism of the facility and their corporate goals overall. Lowe Runo Productions are creators of both animated video graphic features and real world media including production and post production services.

Most everyone in SL has heard of machinimatographer Lowe Runo for his impressive machinima/
videos that rival any animated RL movie, his web sites, Machinima Artists Guild and Pro MAG, his exceptional special effects, and his support of education focusing on machinima and media incuding presenting at SL/RL various conferences. Lowe also takes an active role in assisting his company partner in RL/SL media class education. He recently produced a silent machinima and donated it to the university for students to add all sound as an assignment. (My avatar was in this production since I am friends with both Lowe and Soni and it can be viewed here: SilentLearningVidHere. ) He has produced featured and award winning machinima in SL and has worked for Best of Second Life as a machinimatographer. Lowe Runo is a graphics artist with over 30 years experience in still photography, animation and video production. I've been fortunate enough to be in some of Lowe's productions and photos and he is great fun to work with. Lowe has been supportive of SL media and arts for many years and in the past year has established himself as a leader in SL machinima. Lowe recently signed a contract together with Soni for a RL book on machinima. To learn more about Lowe and his work follow the links below.
Lowe can also be found on Avatars United, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Koinup, Flickr, Avatars International and all over the worldwide web for his machinima. Contact information in the links or at:

(photo of Soni, courtesy of Sonicity Fitzroy)

Sonicity Fitzroy, who I previously featured on this blog regarding her role as a BOSLradio DJ, is a former RL DJ personality and is currently an associate professor of media at a university. Dr. Fitzroy conducts some of her RL undergrad and graduate level media classes in or around SL. She is the machinima reviews editor for the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds, is a ProMAG machinima reviewer and has several of her own blogs. She has been a speaker in numerous SL/RL conferences. Internationally, she has presented at Cambridge University, IT University of Copenhagen, and Bangor University, among others. In SL Dr. Fitzroy is also active as a BOSL events writer for both the monthly publications and their blog. She and her RL/SL husband Shock Soderstrom, also own and operate the Chicagoland Club and mall area with shops featuring Soni's own designs and clothing. Soni's primary role in the LR Productions partnership will focus on education, class instruction, literary needs, and media outreach. Dr. Fitzroy is a multi-published author, with her most recent RL book, Second Life, Media and the Other Society to be released June 7th with a SL book launch party and media fair Sunday, June 6 from 11am to 6pm SLT.

-11am SLT-Media fair showcasing art & media of some mentioned in the book
-12noon SLT-SL Journalist Persia Bravin and Machinima Artist Guild founder Lowe Runo will emcee the opening festivities, which includes a special screening of various media works
-1pm SLT-opening remarks will feature BOSL CEO Frolic Mills on the community role of media in virtual worlds. Dr. Fitzroy will provide an informal introduction to her book, and acknowledge the more than 20 contributors, as well as the approximately 50SL residents who are mentioned in her book.
-2pm SLT-Live music by AcousticEnergy Nitely
-3pm SLT-Live music by The Follow
-4pm SLT-Live DJ and closing
All events will occur at the Moolto Community region: BookLaunchPartyHere.

For more information about Sonicity Fitzroy she can be found reviewing for ProMAG as linked above, as well as the above mentioned MAG link. Soni can also be found on Flickr, Koinup, Avatars United and across the internet as both Sonicity Fitzroy and her real life being. Note: Soni has an impressive RL Vita, but that is her real life and my blog is about SL. She can be reached at:
Additional informatoin can be found:

Second Life, Media, and the Other Society examines the convergence of media in the largest residential virtual community to date in the gaming world: Second Life.
More about this book here on Amazon: Amazon.

Today during the tour I snapped a few pics as seen here. The large area houses the corporate office at the base level, with studio, green room, numerous sets and other portable things as needed in other areas. At the ground level in back is a beautiful stadium with nice seating features that will be ideal for machinima reviews, educational presentations and possibly other activities such as some types of fashion shows with the beautiful walkway to the stadium and scenic beach area. The large main building currently features offices, large class or board room areas and some beautiful art works by SL artists gifted over time to Lowe.

For a professional quality machinima you will forever treasure contact this company for price lists for machinima in the areas of advertisement, education, documenting weddings, birthday or rez day parties, live music performances, Youtube videos, any SL memories, making a story, just for fun, or anything SL will let you dream up. RL inquiries can also be discussed.

On a personal note I secretly refer to Lowe and Soni as the dynamic duo with Lowe as Machinima Man and Soni as Word Woman.. shhh don't tell them I said this. They are both great people RL and SL and deserve their well earned RL/SL company and success. They are very hard working professionals who I sometimes have to remind to take a break and play and relax a little. And lucky for me of course they do!


  1. WOW Kara. Thanks for such a flattering review. As you pointed out it is the partnership and vision that makes us strong, the facilities are only a launch pad for our potential. You are a good friend. Rock on!

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