Monday, May 17, 2010

Teagan Darkness & EQuality Creations

The Large glowing flying pests!
The huge shrimp-like sea creatures

This weekend I found two amazing sims right next to each other that meld into one huge place to explore. I spent hours there and kept finding new corners of beauty and horror. The strange place elicits very mixed emotions and even the beautiful music is in great contrast to the overwhelming sounds which I switched back and forth between so I could get the full effect of each. I took many pictures and am afraid they don't do this place justice at all, as it is best viewed dark in order to enjoy all the beautiful photoluminescent plant life and also capture the breathtaking freakishness of the strange animals/monsters around each corner just waiting to suprise a person time and time again with the strangeness of it all. I can only say.. don't miss a thing.

Some of my favorites were humming giant purple flying pests around the beautiful underbrush, the rat filled, green goo flowing pipe tunnel that at the end opens to a gorgeous underwater dance area confused with colorful coral and water plants that houses monstrous sea life and a HUGE alien glowing eyed THING just outside the glassed dance area that seems to be watching. The EQuality Creations area says it's under construction, but it is pretty full and so well done that I can't imagine any changes being made. I enjoyed all the various and many earth and sea monsters, giant spider cave, king kong, underwater observation areas, games, two very unique rides, horse rides, elven drum area, buildings, tunnels, towers and actually just everything about this enormous place.

Combined, the two areas make for many hours of fun. I imagine the Teagan Darkness area as some cave visited by beings from outer space who left something toxic that mutated the animals and plant life. Of course this is just a wild guess. I wonder if there was a note card or instructions in there somewhere telling what it really is about. I will have to go back and see and probably spend another few hours in there. Be sure to visit this one. Teagan Darkness is by Ed Exodus and EQuality Creations which is owned by Ed, but EQuality Creations is presented by Tricia Farella who also brings us the extrodinary Retropolis, another impressive sim area that has to be carefully explored in order to not miss the not so obvious and most extreme. I have seen and heard of many people going there and only exploring one level and missing so much of the best stuff. If anyone needs a grand tour give me a hollar.


Some of the pretty fish
One of the rides

Post Note: I was back (of course) and Ed was there so I had to ask and he said he feels his area is somewhat post apocolyptic and part underwater. He did say he has plans for much more for this sim. And when I gushed forth my many praises over his work he handed me a landmark for another of his sims he said has many hidden places I might enjoy finding. Wraith. Yay, I'm off to explore new worlds. Again.

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