Tuesday, May 25, 2010

China Tang Empire-Grand Opening Events This Week

The beautiful and detailed new sim, "China Tang Empire", is having it's grand opening events this week running 5-26-10 through 5-29-10. The sim owner, Valor Renilo, provided me with some details about the sim. He created the sim to be a doorway to part of the Asian/Chinese cluture, knowing that SL provides this opportunity to explore and see, when often RL can't. The ground level of the sim is Tang dynasty including the Tang palace, zen garden, stone pagoda, other pagodas, temple plaza with some nice areas for couples and friends including taichi and kungfu balls and a love island at the corner of the sim. There are 3 levels of underground to explore with various nooks and crannies. This is an absolutely gorgeous sim with a great deal of detail throughout. There are many pose balls and opportunities to interact as well. One of the first things I did was play a konghou then a taiko while another couple enjoyed some green tea in the same area. I found a beautiful flowery area with intan and made a new friend. Check out this sim that I think most everyone can fully appreciate. ChinaHere.

The schedule of events for the grand openening are as follows:
*** Opening Week Music Performances ***
--MAY 26 (Wed) 9AM SLT - 10AM SLT
MoShang Zhao
--MAY 26 (Wed) 1030AM SLT - 1130AM SLT
jaynine Scarborough
--MAY 27 (Thu) 12PM SLT - 130 PM SLT
Mankind Tracer (good time to catch up with him as I heard he may cut back on SL performances for RL ones)
--MAY 29 (Sat) 9PM SLT - 10PM SLT
MoShang Zhao
--MAY 29 (Sat) 3PM SLT - 430PM SLT
Andreus Gustafson
--MAY 29 (Sat) 5PM SLT - 6PM SLT
Young Zeid (see my prior post and mini vid that included Young)
--MAY 29 (Sat) 7PM SLT - 830PM SLT
Quinton Diavolo

Valor Renilo

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